I have always looked forward to a barbecue evening with my friends and family despite the many years I have experienced it. I am sure that you would agree that you have the most fun and time of your life. Therefore, being something that we look forward to, we have to make the best preparation. Nobody wants anything to go wrong on an evening like this.

Although barbecue events can be random, I think we still need preparation. If you are not good at grilling meat, you should hire a chef beforehand. You also require time to buy the best equipment for grilling meat and organizing the gathering. There are several things that you need to plan ahead of time.

However, there is no need to worry because below is a summary of all the equipment you need. You can take it as a checklist. You check out in the box of the equipment or ingredients you already have and get what you don't.

Set Up the Yard

I believe that most of you hold barbecue evenings in their yards. Basking in the warm weather is what makes everything idyllic.


It includes tables, chairs, and stools. You require a place for the guests and family to sit and set up the meal.


Decor materials are not essential for a barbecue gathering since the salads and the meat are captivating enough. Even so, there a couple of decorations that you can use.

·         Flower garlands

·         Balloons and ribbons

·         Artificial trees

The list is endless enough to explore your creative ideas. Good thing, you can re-use most of the decorations for future events. Additionally, I know that kids love decorating. They will be happier doing it with you.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a must for a delightful evening like this. You can find the perfect garden lights at an affordable price.


Apart from games, you could tune in to some music or watch a film before the meat is ready.


Cooking Ingredients

You should buy the ingredients based on the number of people you expect. But generally, these are the ones you need:

·         Sausages.

·         Chicken thighs and wings.

·         Meat and Fish.

·         Burgers- could be lamb, beef, chicken, or veggie.

·         Burger buns and hot dog rolls.

·         Cheese slices.

·         Sauces: BBQ, soy, mustard, ketchup, burger relish.

·         Vegetables: tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mushrooms, pepper, corn.

·         Potatoes- you can make baked tomatoes.

·         Fruits.


Cooking Equipment


It can either be a charcoal or gas BBQ. Gas BBQ is light, clean, and easy to use, while charcoal BBQ is cheaper and makes tastier meat. You also have to pick the size depending on your cooking capacity.

Chimney Starter

A chimney speeds up the cooking rate of the charcoal BBQ.

Charcoal/ Fuel

A gas BBQ needs fuel, while a charcoal BBQ needs charcoal for cooking. You can add Kamado bbq to the charcoal to flavor the meat.

Basic Utensils

You require a 2-prongs fork, knives, tongs, and a spatula for grilling the meat. You can find them in a bbq tool set while buying. Additionally, you need a beating brush for applying sauce.

Mitt Gloves

Wear them while holding hot frames or grills to protect you from getting burnt.

Grill Apron

There is a leather apron specifically for grilling. It is made of leather and has a sued exterior protecting you from spills or burns.

Grilling basket

It is perfect for grilling delicate fish pieces or vegetables. It can hold different ingredients simultaneously, plus you can flip it.

Barbecue Skewers

They are for holding alternating pieces of meat and vegetables such as pepper.

Meat Thermometer

It indicates the temperature of the meat how well you have cooked it.

Grill Press

It presses the meat against the grill to add a charred crust and level the food.

Grill Light

The light comes in handy at night.


Engaging Activities

I am sure that most children look forward to the games in the afternoon. The games can either be board games, sports and quizzes. You can jointly decide on the games to play.

Observe the following hacks

·         Fully thaw your meat or cool food before grilling as this prevents harmful cold spots.

·         Use a cool box filled with ice packs to put meat out of the fridge. Additionally, don't expose uncooked meat to the sun for over 30 min. It prevents bacterial growth.

·         If a thermometer is not available, cut the meat and cook it thoroughly.

·         If a thermometer is available, cook your meat at a minimum temperature of 70 degrees C.

·         While using a charcoal BBQ, make sure that you cook the meat only when the charcoal is glowing red. It secures that the heat evenly distributes the meat for perfect cooking.



Organizing a barbecue event is easy as long as you know what you need. I hope that you find everything you demand in its best quality.