Have you ever thought of adding a water feature to your landscape? It is a pleasant and enticing method of adding serenity and charm to your patio. With various types of noise and movements, water features make your surroundings appear more natural and beautiful. An eye-catching landscape comprises different functional elements working harmoniously together.

Advantages of water features

Sounds of nature

We all are so busy in this modern life that we don’t have time to connect with nature. If you have a hectic schedule, and it's impossible for you to listen to the sound of nature, you can bring nature closure to you. You can buy fountain pumps, birdbaths, and other water features for your backyard. These water features will bring the relaxing sounds of nature to your doorstep. Imagine coming home after a long and stressful day and sitting beside your water feature in your backyard. As you listen to the cascading water, you forget all your worries.

Enhance your local ecosystem.

When you purchase, install, or construct a water feature in your garden, there will be an increase in birds and wildlife on your property. You might see butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and squirrels. In no time, barren land gets converted into a haven for wildlife. Besides being entertaining, this will also be an educational opportunity for you and your kids. As all living beings need water to survive, you will support life in your little corner of the world.

Fit smaller spaces

Keep the plan of adding water features to your landscape, even if you have a small patio. While creating a large pond might not be possible, installing fountains is entirely possible. Many water features only need a little space. Hence, even if you have a small space, you can still enjoy the soothing sound of water. There are various ways of adding water elements to your property without taking up much of your valuable land. Even a waste of space can be converted into a beautiful water feature.

Little maintenance

Pools and ponds might need vigilant monitoring, but various water features can provide you with sound, texture, and movements with little attempt. Adding a water feature will make your property look beautiful without any extra effort. Wall fountains and cascading waterfalls are a few examples of pondless water features that only need a little maintenance. As the water in these features moves and re-circulates, there are fewer chances of the growth of algae and bacteria. As pondless water features don't pose safety risks, they are a great option if you have little kids.

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Water features allow you to make your landscape stand out from the crowd. It adds uniqueness to your property and makes it a focal point. Your property looks picturesque and colorful. You can carve the rocks to create beautiful flowing waterfalls or springs. This enhances the visual appeal of your property and earns you a lot of appreciation.

Now that you know the many benefits of adding water features to your property, below are some water features that can be easily added.

Water features that can be added to your landscape


Sitting in your garden on a summer afternoon and watching the birds playing in the water is soothing and entertaining. A birdbath is an easy way to add a water feature to your landscape. Various types of birdbaths feature a fountain that keeps the water clean by circulating it.


Fountains are another exciting way to decorate your property. There are various types of fountains, and you can choose a modern, traditional, or rustic. The sound of flowing and splashing water will make your surroundings pleasant and soothing. Fountains can be magnificent or small; you can choose as per the space you have in your property. You need to buy fountain pumps of a specific horsepower to create the different patterns and sounds of water.


Ponds also come in various shapes and styles that can be customized to match any d├ęcor. While natural ponds are organic in form, reflecting pools have geometric shapes. Fish ponds are filled with various types of aquatic plants and fish. If you opt for a fish pond, you need to add bubblers to keep the water aerated.


The stream is a source of entertainment for kids as well as adults. Often designed as a complete ecosystem, the stream includes waterfalls, boulders, and green plants. You can increase the elevation drop as the water moves from the pump to the circulation area to create various effects, such as babbling brook or whitewater. Streams can turn into design-intensive features and make your landscape appear natural.


Waterfalls come in various styles and add sound and motion to your patio. They can enhance even the smallest backyard by creating a sense of a luxury retreat. Some common waterfalls are rain curtains, pondless waterfalls, water walls, sconces and scuppers, and laminar jets.