Every rider wants to jump on the highest-performance bike and disappear into the sunset. It’s the passion of being on a motorcycle combined with the thrill of riding the open road, there really is no feeling like it.

But, big motorcycles can be dangerous, it’s advisable to work your way up to them. The good news is there are plenty of intermediate motorcycles worth considering. All you need is an idea about hat type of motorcycle you’d like to ride and then a reputable garage specializing in used bikes, including KTM motorcycles. Here’s the current top 5: 

1. Kawasaki Z650

This is a stylish bike that works well as a commute or a weekend ride. It’s light and nimble with enough power to give you plenty of fun, but not so much you’ll find yourself instantly in trouble.

It’s also a surprisingly affordable option brand new. The Z650 uses a parallel-twin engine to ensure plenty of torque and low-end power. It’s smooth and a pleaure to ride.

2. BMW R Nine T Urban G/S

This offering from BMW sits in a standard white, blue, and red livery without the customary fairing. It’s a surprisingly elegant naked bike with plenty of potential, and a great intermediate level buy.

It’s light enough to weave through traffic, making it a great choice for the commute. But, it’s also powerful enough to treat as an adventure bike at the weekend, potentially getting you of the road and into a little trouble.

3. Zero DS ZF13.0

This has to be included as it’s an intriguing option for any rider. It’s an electric motorcycle and not the cheapest option on the list. But, it can handle 188 miles on one charge and is probably cheaper per mile than most other commutes. It also benefits from instant power when you turn the throttle, regardless of revs, that means you’ve always got enough power for that overtake.

You should note that due to it being electric you’ll need to be extra vigilant in the city, it’s likely people won’t hear you coming.

4. KTM 500 EXC

You can’t consider an intermediate motorcycle without taking a look at the KTM. It’s a perfect dual purpose bike, giving you an easy commute and a lot of fun at the weekend off-road. The elevated seat height also encourages a better view of the road, that’s beneficial if your commute involves crowded streets.

The KTM stands out well in customary orange and is light enough to easily weave through traffic. With plenty of low down torque you’ll find there are few situations that you can’t get out of. Of course, it’s better not to get in the in the first place!

5. Indian Scout Sixty

This is an unusual addition at the end but worth considering, especially if your budget is limited The Scout Sixty adopts the cruiser style but is smaller than the standard cruiser, making it a great choice for intermediate riders and those who need to spend their days commuting. . Just remember, whatever motorcycle you pick, make sure its the one that appeals to you, not your friends.