The year 2020 brings us not only new opportunities, but also new rules. Show at least one person who doesn't know about social distance. It’s impossible. Medical masks and antiseptics have become as popular as disinfection of premises. To minimize the spread of Covid-19, the office cleaning service offers all clients safe and cost-effective disinfection of surfaces that are most commonly used by people (door handles, window handles, railings, tables, light switches etc.).

It doesn’t matter how often cleaning the site was done. Wet cleaning will not be enough. You need cleaning, which will help to disinfect surfaces and reduce the risk of disease. Therefore, when cleaning from coronavirus, it is necessary to use not just detergents, but disinfectants and special preparations and equipment.

There are several types of office cleaning services, among which are:
  • Prophylactic disinfection that prevents the spread of germs. It can be called quality only with regular use.
  • Current disinfection is the best option when there is a source for the appearance of microorganisms in the room. Professionals recommend carrying out this type of disinfection during the period of viral diseases.
  • Final disinfection. It is carried out when the source of pollution has been eliminated and it is necessary to disinfect household items. In a word, we can say that each type eliminates the problem that is relevant for customers at a given time.

What are the Recommendations of the World Health Organization?

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, it is necessary to significantly protect the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes. Due to direct contact with the palms, on which the deadly virus can be, it enters the body. Therefore, in addition to the use of personal protective equipment, self-isolation, social distance, it is necessary to rely on the disinfection of premises from the coronavirus from professionals. The virus can be ‘brought’ on yourself, on the fabric of your clothes, and even when you go to wash your hands, you can leave it on the tap. The UVS office cleaning services are focused on the disinfection of high-risk areas including the following services:
  • disinfection of all surfaces that fall into the category of ‘especially dangerous’: door handles, faucets and flushing levers in bathrooms, switches, elevator call buttons, etc.;
  • disinfection of all entrances as well as cleaning the cooking area;
  • processing of personal touch screen devices, personal computer keyboards and work surface.
  • Without regular site cleaning, harmful microorganisms contribute to allergies, runny nose, regular illnesses, a decrease in the immune system, apathy and fatigue.
  • An experienced cleaning team in Australia with a broad knowledge and already well established is operating in most Australian capitals as well as in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.
Even if your office does not switch to a remote form of work, you can always protect yourself and your workers as much as possible from all kinds of viral infections.