In this era of technology, updates are very important for getting the excellent performance and proper security. All we know that how important it is to keep updating our cellphones, computers as well as apps. Same thing for WordPress websites.

If you have a WordPress website, WordPress maintenance will be one of the most crucial parts of your daily life otherwise you and your business might face loss. Do you know? 365.4 million WordPress websites aren’t still updated among 609 million WordPress sites and 129.6 million sites are getting malicious requests every day. In most cases, they are losing their performance and security also. Here you can learn more about Managed WordPress maintenance services.

Why Are WordPress Updates So Important?

Let’s think of a simple thing that happens when you want not to update your cell phone, laptops, or computer for several months. What do you see? The software is going slow, you look at different bug issues and your security will be in danger. After that, you are looking for the newest features or updates of your software or apps. Yes, a WordPress site works the same way.

In every new update of WordPress, or it’s a theme or the plugin, you will get new features that will give you new options for customizing your site, security update, fixes problems, and flaws that have been created in recent updates. Moreover, a new security update will help you to protect from hackers.

Security Updates

The security update is one of the most important features in WordPress maintenance. It is important when you consider the safety of your information along with your customer’s information such as their email, password, credit card numbers and etc. that you have saved on your site. Security updates will assure you to protect from the interference of hackers or malware.

When you use old software or old versions of WordPress, hackers get more experience to find weak points and non-secure areas to steal your data and place malicious code on your site. Keep in mind, the more you stay away from updates, the more risk you fall with your website. How to Fix a WordPress Site is Not Secured Warning

Performance Updates

Performance update is another important feature you must consider keeping your WordPress site updated.  Because the bugs or glitches can be present in the plugin or software that you activated in your WordPress site. These performance and plugin updates assist to fix the problems or can remove them so that you can don’t show these again.

When your software or plugins are being updated, your visitors can get a better journey as your site loads faster than before. Otherwise, the bugs or glitches can reduce your site speed that may push your visitors to leave your site, which can hamper your business and SEO strategy.

Features Updates

Features update will be a game-changer in your WordPress website as they can help to make a modern webpage for offering a good experience to the visitors.

At times critical updates (could cause major issues on your site and visitors) become available to your core WordPress update files. Don’t worry, we are always appearing at top of these updates for providing you with the best priority to keep safe and secure your website.

What Are the Most Important Things to Keep Updated?

There are several components that need to be kept updated regularly on a WordPress website. The WordPress platform, theme, and plugin are the most crucial components that you must keep updated for getting secure and well-performing websites.

Do you have a good backup?

Before going to complete the updates of your website, you’ll have to make sure that whether you have a good backup of all your files and database, or not? Because when you will go to make an update to the WordPress new version or theme or plugins, you may face some error in your site. The reason is the new update theme or plugin can conflict with your new WordPress version or another plugin. If something happens like this during updates, you may need to restore the latest backup of your files and database. We have a lot of experience in this field, so don’t worry about it.

In Conclusion

We are recommending that you keep your WordPress files updated at least once per month and ensure that your site has backed up each time before making any updates. Because your WordPress core files, themes as well as plugins need to update regularly to stay away from numerous vulnerabilities.