SEO, Search EngineOptimization refers to the work on a website in such a way that if users use keywords for searching they would appear first in the search results. Search Engine optimization is the most important aspect of online marketing because it leads towards the results that help you in improving your brand reflection and increasing the sales of your services and goods. The internet users rely on the quick results that seem the solution to their problems and they quickly go for it that is why SEO is an emerging method to make your services appear at the top of the list.

Basic SEO measures

Your business website is useless if the customers could not find it. You have to adopt the ways so that your services could be reachable for the customers. You can use SNS and advertise online, but SEO is the best way to get high quality traffic through organic search. You have to learn some measures for that.

There are basically two types of SEO measures the internal measures and second one the external measures. In internal measures you make quality content and do adjustments so that the Google’s logarithms could index your content and make it appear in the top most results. External measures include methods that can increase the value of your website externally.

Content SEO

Your content should be of high quality according to the users search intensions so you should make content that could better answer the queries of the users. For better content SEO search for key words and insert appropriate tags, add YouTube videos and pictures with catchy tags, use optimized html tags, add titles then Mata description comprising of structured data.

Internal SEO Measures

The internal SEO measures include proper optimization of URL, links to related content and blog classification. You should correctly direct search engine crawlers, register with Google search console, increase the page display speed and make your website AMP attuned.

External SEO measures

They include setting up your website link on social media, using external links to boost up the reach of your website, managing satellites and sharing your info on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Google’s policy

You should have good know how of Google policy, for better optimization of content you can use other search engines too. Google has three criteria for evaluation (EAT) of your contents that include Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Key words selection

Stay in touch with the trends of the world. To make high quality content use right SEO key words by checking the monthly volume of the key words. Configure external links and write on topics that are easily rated by Google. Keep an eye on the Google index and get trusted external links to improve effectiveness of your content.

Google SEO Tools

Use Google search console, Google analytics, Google Keyword planner and Google trends to create high quality contents by using tools provided by Google.

There are third party tools available too such as SEO check, Search ranking cracker for entering more than five key words, Funky rating for checking keyword appearance rates, link checker to fix broken URLs.

Ranking Drop

After panda and penguin update ranking drop has been noted. Google updates it algorithms several times a year that mostly causes rankings of your website to drop but it is not a big deal to worry about, though it is a disadvantage of SEO.

There are many ways to optimize your content. Some measures that are important for running an internet business requires that you must be surrounded by good customers, you should increase your time on internet and you can surely boost up your brand image.