Truck and tractor-trailer accidents can happen any time, even in Miami, Florida. Collisions with tractor-trailers or 18-wheeler trucks involve an extraordinary amount of evidence because it is often significantly more complicated than the usual car accident claim. Therefore, it’s recommended for you to have a Miami FL personal injury attorney when involved in a trucking accident.

Vehicle mismatch means the respective proportions of the tractor-trailer and the car can just result in a direct impact on the automobile passenger’s body. This vehicle mismatch scenario is fatal.

Common Causes Of Truck Or Tractor-trailer Crashes


There are many ways a trucking company or a truck driver can be found to be the cause of the accidents, such as:

  • Overloaded tractor-trailer

  • Inexperienced drivers

  • Driver fatigue which is caused by failure to follow the mandatory rest times between hours on the road

  • Unsecured cargo

  • Inability to maintain the truck

  • Aggressive driving like improper lane change or excessive speed

Ways On How To File A Claim


Anyone who got involved in critical tractor-trailer accidents which are caused by negligent drivers might be eligible for compensation for the damages related to the crash by filing a claim.

Write down important notes - Right after the accident, the victims must write down the important details of the collision as well as the injuries. If possible, they should gather testimonies from any witnesses, physical evidence of the crash, or even photographs of the scene of the accident. It is necessary to confirm liability with the truck driver.

The victims need to make sure to inform the trucking company and the trucker of their intention to file a claim.

Negotiating with the insurance adjusters - After filing a claim, insurance adjusters will contact the victims for access to their medical records and other pieces of evidence. In other cases where a liability apparently lies with the trucking company, the company usually offers a settlement.

But, it is necessary not to accept a settlement which does not cover the full expenses and losses related to the tractor-trailer accident.

Seeking help from an attorney - A tractor-trailer accident lawyer can’t only assist the victims to prepare their claim paperwork, but can also help them establish liability and negotiate a fair and full compensation. In times of severe injuries, most insurance companies will try to settle the case for far less than what the victims deserve.

Through professional legal representation, whenever the negotiations fail to provide a reasonable settlement, the victims can file a lawsuit.

Retrieving a fair compensation - For just a minor damage claim, a lawyer might not be necessary to negotiate a fair and full settlement. However, because victims have only one chance to get compensation and a limited time for filing a claim, serious truck accident victims must consult a Cumming truck accident lawyer regarding their cases.


Injuries in many car accidents can be minor, but the high weight and size of an 18-wheeler truck can produce severe damage and injuries even at low speeds. Many of the most critical crashes in Miami, Florida involve trucks and tractor-trailers. Every victim should know how to file a claim and have a Miami FL personal injury attorney  to recover their compensation fully.

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