Essay writing need skills and sheer study of the related topic. It is a critical writing essay writing the art of writing. No one can achieve expertise in this without dedication passion and critical learning about essay writing. Best writers and students who obtain good grades in essay writing have been able to summarize their thoughts about the topic in the outline.

What is an outline?

It is very brief sketching of the whole concept thoughts and ideas which the writer going to discuss in the essay. With the help of an outline, the writer can organize his thoughts and plans about the main theme of the essay. It should be in bullets short and to the point. Outline help in the understanding and explaining of the essay within the limited area. Best authors always recommended outlines in the essay. It reduced the burden over the examiner too. Examiner usually emphasized on conclusions and outline.

Why we need an essay outline

Essay outline help in organizing the thoughts of the writer. Sometimes the author has plenty of knowledge their knowledge needs to organize around a specific area in rhythm. The outline helps the author from straying in unnecessary knowledge and ideas.

How to write an essay outline

The outline of the essay is a very important part of good grades and effective essay writing. The outline must be precise and according to the topic. The whole essay articulated around the outline examiner has a keen eye on the outline so it has to be perfect. The introduction consists of a thesis statement and arguments. It includes a history brief introduction to the main points of review of the literature. It is also articulated around the main points of the body of the essay and conclusion. All information should feed in the form of bullets.

Parts of the essay


Here you need to write about the main idea thesis statement of your essay. The introduction should brief include history and information about the topic.

The body; the body of the essay simply consists of an explanation of your thoughts in favor of arguments or arguments. It explains the outline of the essay. The author fetches facts numerical data and graphs in the body of the essay.

Conclusion: it is the end of the essay it summaries all thoughts of the author and the main theme of the essay.

The outline format

Students are required to use the linear style when formatting the essay outlines. It discusses that students arrange their points according to their importance. Keep in mind that an outline does not necessarily need to comprise on complete sentences.

It is an outline hence you are free to format arguments and pieces of evidence that support your arguments anywhere that you will be able to understand.

Keep in mind you knew your thoughts and explanation but the reader is not aware of it. So he will get an idea about the essay from your outline make it noteworthy.

Process of creating an outline

First of all, the writer needs to be clear about the topic of the essay. Then he can make a quick review of his knowledge in the outline. Students need to use the linear style in short sentences. Write down all the important areas you are going to touch in the essay in your outline. Make them clear specific and short.

Things to do before the outline

Read the assignment carefully to understand what you are asked to do.

Answer the questions you need to find solutions answers to the questions in your study during about the essay topic.

Find your audience is your teachers and classmates fellows select audience accordingly

Choose the outline structure: The best structure to use is a standard alphanumeric structure there, but a decimal one can also be used.

The conclusion outline is a very basic and important part of an essay it has to be a noteworthy and the author should emphasize outline construction in the essay.