Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Kid’s bedroom design can be very fun and easy for adults. While you need to think about elegance and complete functionality for your master bedroom and living room, you can let go of any worries and just let your inner child emerge to help you with the decoration of your child’s room. While you can explore fun designs, modern colors and interesting layouts, you also need to make sure certain elements are always included. If you need some interior design tips, here are a few of the best to follow. 

Pick a timeless color scheme

Don’t make the common mistake of rushing into things and choosing a paint color that’s overly fun and playful. While colorful walls make a room look child-friendly, that’s not the only way to add some interest and spice to your kid’s bedroom. You must keep in mind that kids grow incredibly fast and change their interests and preferences even faster, so unless you’re fine with painting their bedroom every year, it’s best to pick a timeless color.

Light pink, baby blue, peach, yellow and green are all great choices that will always stay in fashion can be modified with decoration. Nudes and neutrals always look classy and bright and they will provide a great backdrop for any wall, furniture or lighting trend that your kid might want to try out in the future. 

Choose the right furniture

Choosing furniture is one of the biggest decisions you need to make. Furniture is usually quite expensive and it can’t be modified easily as your child grows, so making the right choice is crucial. Start by choosing the right bed size. You want to invest in something that will provide your child with enough space for a comfortable and safe sleep. If you’re buying furniture for a younger kid, stay away from sharp edges and overly-high beds.

Using stepping stools and other objects to climb into bed might be risky for your child’s health. When it comes to tables and chairs, don’t hesitate to splurge on something ergonomic and adjustable so your kid can practice good posture and use the items without any discomfort. 

Maximize storage

It’s amazing how many things kids have. From clothing and books to toys and collectibles, you will need a lot of space to safely store their prized possessions. So investing in smart storage options is an idea that will always pay off. Any room, especially the one that lacks square footage, will benefit from a double-duty bunk bed. If you check out the bunk bed with storage at Luxo Living, you can see that it provides plenty of comfort for both bigger and smaller kids, together with ample under-the-bed storage.

This type of design maximizes storage space, prevents mess and looks appropriate in every child’s bedroom. Also, don’t forget about shelving and cabinets. Multiple shelves will give your kid a chance to display all their toys and books, while they can hide less-presentable things in cabinets. 

Light it up

Kids’ bedrooms serve many tasks from sleeping to playing and studying, so you need to light them up appropriately. While overhead lighting is a must for playdates, studying, reading and drawing require lamps. If your child loves their toys, artwork or figurine collection, you can also consider display lights that will make their possessions pop. And of course, don’t forget a cute and gentle night light so that the monsters don’t bite. 

Ensure proper privacy

Kids need sleep. It allows them to grow, develop and turn into happy and healthy young people. So, make sure to provide your child with plenty of privacy for night sleep and afternoon naps. Choose quality window covers to keep the daylight out and minimize sleep disruptions. Shutters and blinds, no matter which option you choose, come in many colors and shapes, so you can be creative and give their windows a fun little touch. 

Provide warmth and comfort

Even if you provide your child with the best table and chair possible, they will still love to play on the floor and that’s completely natural. However, you can do a few things to spare their little palms and knees by putting out a carpet. Carpet tiles are the best choice for kids’ rooms since you can remove every single square that got ruined by spilled milk or dropped pb&j sandwich and replace it with a new square—no need to waste money on a whole new carpet. 

Don’t neglect school

While kids’ bedrooms need to focus on fun and relaxation, you also need to think about their academic success and provide them with a practical and safe place to draw, color, create, read, learn and catch up with homework. Make sure their learning station has ergonomic furniture and simple, playful yet distraction-free environment.

If your kids are old enough, make sure to consult them on their bedroom design, and together, you will create a fun, safe and comfortable space that your child can call their own with pride.