Trim A Very Small Lawn
Did you know cutting a lawn is stressful for the grass? Each time you cut the grass, you do away with the leaves responsible for making food for the roots. Mowing appears to be a simple task, doesn’t it?

Mowing is a simple task but needs keenness

Well, it depends, of course, on how you want to do it. Mowing itself isn’t as complicated as other types of landscaping.

However, you must realize that you are either setting it for a beautiful appeal or a pathetic sight each time you cut tour grass.

But, do you understand what it takes to mow a small lawn beautifully?

Get rid of the debris

Small lawns are easy to care for than most large ones. And learning how to mow a small garden is the most vital aspect of having a healthy yard. Here are some tips to listing your Home with Little Money

Your machine is just as delicate as the edges of the yard you want to trim. So ensure the lawn is free from any obstacle that can damage your machine or hinder your movement.

Once you do away with all the obstacles in your lawn, even the most basic and old fashioned push mower can get the job done. However, it is advisable to use the small electric mower meant explicitly for small lawns.

So how do you ensure your tiny lawn looks neat and magnificent without breaking much sweat? Well, let’s find out.

First things first, here are the tools you will need for your mowing session. 
  • A fully functional weed-eater
  • A rake
  • Mowing machine, probably a push mower
Once you assemble all the tools you need, ensure you follow each of these steps keenly to avoid any inconvenience with your machine.

1. Use the right mower for this exercise

As earlier mentioned, always use the small push mower or any lawn mower to clear your yard. Be careful while you push the mower forward across one strip of the grass.

Ensure the mower machine doesn’t miss any patch of the grass on the lawn. You can do that by pushing the mower forward and overlapping each strip of the grass with the adjacent ones.

2. Carefully trim the edges of the lawn

You don’t use a hedge trimmer to groom the edges of your yard. Instead, use a weed eater, an electric shear, or cordless string trimmer for incredible results. The shears and weed eater are perfect for small spaces because they come with pole attachments, making it easier to dodge trees and walls around.

However, the weed eater requires a little bit of more caution and will take a newbie time to achieve a smooth cut across the patches of grass.

3. Finally, use your rake to collect the grass cuttings and debris

The rake makes it easier to collect the trimmed grass. You should ensure your rake has a long handle that will prevent you from unnecessary long hours of bending. There are, however, other mowing machines that trim the grass and mince them into tiny pieces that later decompose on the same lawn to provide nutrients for the upcoming grass.