Today we spend many hours consuming multimedia content on the TV, something that has been further boosted by the advent of Smart TVs. Playing video games, watching movies and series, or even surfing the Internet, are some of the things that many of us do on a daily basis alone, as a couple or as a family.

It is precisely when there are more than one of us watching TV at home that conflicts can arise regarding the volume of the sound on the TV. But what can we do if someone wants to listen to the content at a higher or lower volume than the rest?

The solution here is for that person to use a headset with Bluetooth connectivity that has its own volume control. This way, they can listen to the TV sound through the headphones at the desired level without disturbing the others. 

However, in many occasions, once you connect an external device to the TV's audio system it stops being heard through its own speakers, so if we want the sound to be heard through both we have to look for some solutions.

Check if TV Offers Native Simultaneous Audio

Some televisions natively offer the option of playing audio through the television's internal speakers and an external audio device such as the best wireless headphones for tv simultaneously. However, it should be noted that some devices may have this feature and others do not, regardless of their brand.

To confirm if your TV offers this possibility, we recommend that you contact the support service of the manufacturer in question. Before doing so, make sure you know the model of the device to avoid confusion and speed up the process.

Ideally, we should have a TV that allows you to do this without doing anything, but if unfortunately your TV does not offer this possibility, we have some solutions that can help you to be able to transmit the audio on it and another device at the same time.

Bluetooth Audio Transmitter or Receiver

If we have a headset with a Bluetooth connection we can choose to use a Bluetooth audio receiver or transmitter. This type of device allows you to connect several speakers or wireless headphones guru via Bluetooth or also by cable at the same time. In addition, you can control the volume of each device independently. Depending on the model you purchase, you can even control the play/pause and track selection controls from the adapter itself.

Differences between Bluetooth Audio Transmitter and Receiver

A Bluetooth transmitter is mainly used with the sound source (in this case the TV) while the Bluetooth audio receiver works with the output devices (the headphones). Compared to Bluetooth audio receivers, Bluetooth transmitters tend to be smaller and their less complex connections small in size without complex connections.

Using an RCA to Mini Jack Adapter or Converter

If you do not have a headset with a Bluetooth connection but with a 3.5 mm audio connector, the solution could be to purchase an adapter or RCA to mini jack converter. To use it you will have to use the RCA output of your TV to bring the audio to the headphones. The good thing about this system is that you can listen to the TV at the volume you want, both from the speakers and from the headphones.

Connect the Audio to a Set-Top Box or A/V Receiver

If you have a set-top box at home to watch any pay TV service or an A/V receiver or audio-video receiver, you can connect one universal audio duplicator to the TV and another to the headphones. This way you will be able to get the sound from both directly from the decoder and video, but remember that it will only work for the content that the decoder plays.

Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitters and Receivers

If headphones are important to have a good experience, it is not going to be less than the audio transmitters. Bluetooth audio transmitters usually have two advantages: they are small in size and do not usually have complex connections so they are easy to install. They usually have a jack cable and some of them work as a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver at the same time.

One of these hybrid models is the Avantree Oasis. This device is long range and according to the manufacturer it allows to reproduce two devices at the same time with low latency. Another advantage is that it has a compact design that makes it an easy to carry peripheral.

If you only want a Bluetooth transmitter you can choose this one from Elegiant. It is a device of only 32 euros that according to the manufacturer offers a faster transmission and lower latency so that the images being played do not suffer a delay in the audio.

So, using a good quality audit transmitter and receiver you can listen to TV and Headphones at the same time.