When life gets too stressful we need an effective method to take back our tranquility. Otherwise we risk getting sick from being stressed out too much, or that we end up on a lot of medication unnecessarily.

There are a lot of natural methods to reduce dress but the two most effectives ones are yoga and meditation. Yoga is wonderful as a way to get the stress out of your body where it can be stored in the muscles, while meditation is like hitting the reset button of your brain.

The way to get the most out of meditation is to make sure you have everything set up in your home to aid in the process. In this article, I will give you some ideas on how to set up a spot in your house dedicated to meditation.

1 - Use water

The sound of rushing water or ocean waves is as soothing as it gets. The sound drowns out other more distracting types of sounds and creates a meditative effect all on its own.

You can have this in any part of your house by using water fixtures like indoor waterfalls or small fountains. Sometimes when you don’t have much time to meditate, it can take too long to put your brain in the right mode. Most people only have about 30 to 40 minutes so saving time is important.

By using water to help you along, you can fall into a trancelike state far faster and get more out of your meditation than ever before. You can also use white noise to the same effect, but since water is natural, it is much more effective.

2 - Bring nature in

Water is integral as was just mentioned, but it shouldn’t stop there. You should strive to make the spot look and feel as natural as possible. This means filling the space with plants, wood and stones.

The plants serve to clean the air and add some life to the spot where you plan to meditate. Then some stones and wood will help you to feel grounded. Since it can be difficult to get out into nature and meditate there, this is the next best thing.

When you bring nature into your space, it creates an atmosphere that helps you feel in another dimension. And this will help you immediately get into the right frame of mind to recenter yourself.

3 - Make it a dedicated spot

If you have to always move things around to be able to meditate, then you are setting up a session that won’t be as deep as it could be. Clutter, furniture and other items need to be kept out of your area.

When it has its own vibe and look plus it is always available, then you will likely use it more and do more meditating then if it becomes a chore. You should have the spot ready to go at a moment’s notice as you never know when the stress is going to build.