The grief of someone passing away in the family is quite difficult to cope with. However, completing the rituals for the funeral peacefully is also essential to respect the deceased person. It is not easy to arrange a funeral on your own when you are grieving the death of a close relative or friend.

Contacting a nearby funeral support agency is the most advisable option to guide you through the entire process. Also, you can find more detail at begravningsbyrÄmalmö.nu.

Direct Cremation

Nowadays, many families choose direct cremation over a traditional funeral ceremony. In such a case, the body is cremated immediately without any ceremonial arrangement. The first thing you need to know is how much do cremations cost in your area and plan accordingly. This procedure occurs at a faster pace than the classical event for the funeral.

Many families and groups find the option for direct cremation more suitable. Sometimes, the person who has died expressed the wish for a cremation to his or her family. Also, direct cremation costs much lesser than a traditional arrangement.

However, in case you prefer a funeral with all the traditional rules, the funeral support agency will help you to communicate with local priests who will conduct the ceremony. Also, in case you want the ceremony to be held by any dear friend or relative, the agency will help you with that too.

Choice Of Your Preferable Cemetery

The final resting place of your close relative or friend is always special. In case such an event, the body is buried in the ground and a memorial site is established in the burial place. There are other available options such as ash burial sites, memorial groves, urn burial sites, etc. You can also go ahead and choose which grave marker would you prefer to be placed on the burial site

Several Funeral Options

No matter which tradition you belong to, the funeral support agency will provide you with complete assistance to arrange any event related to the funeral. Several alternative options for funerals are offered to the family of the deceased, and you can choose the most suitable option for you. Both church and civil funerals can be arranged for your close relative, family member, or friend based on your preference.


The dead body needs to be taken away to the crematorium or cemetery by car after concluding the casket prices. Your funeral support agency will also ensure transport services through a car so that the dead body can be carried to the crematorium conveniently from nursing homes, hospitals, and homes. The type of car can be chosen according to your preferences and budget.

The cost will increase if you hire an expensive and big car to carry the dead body. Some of the preferable cars for carrying the body include Volvo S80, Chrysler Grand Voyager, Lincoln Town Car, etc. Be it late at night or early morning, the car will reach your doorstep at any time.

Issuing Legal Documents

Also, the funeral support agency helps to issue the death certificate of the deceased person. The funeral service director communicates with the officials to get the required legal documents. After the death certificate is issued, it will also be handed to the dead person’s family by the agency. A death certificate is essential to prove and register the passing away of an individual.

Preparing The Body For Funeral

Several types of coffins are offered by the funeral support agency and you can choose the right coffin according to the size of your dead body. Usually, wooden coffins are used for burial. The agency will instantly provide the type of coffin that you will order.

Another essential element in a funeral is flowers. According to the rituals, the body and the coffin of a deceased person are decorated with white flowers. The funeral agency also supplies fresh flowers to fulfill this purpose. Also, you will need white sheets to cover the entire body. After you choose your preference of coffin, clothes, and flowers, the agent of the funeral support agency will prepare the mortal reams for the funeral.