Tired of all those boring games that have no attraction at all? Looking for games that can make you stay hooked and forget about your worries for some time?

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If so, you are in the right place. In this blog, we have gathered the best games from the internet. These games are exciting enough to keep you hooked forever. We can bet that you won’t be bored for even a second when playing these games.

With that said, let’s see some of the best games that you can play and enjoy without getting bored.


First on our list is the KleptoCats. It is a free iOS and Android-based game that features burglar cats. Yes! You heard that right. Some actual burglar cats are trying to steal things from a house.

You are their owner, giving them treats when they steal something noteworthy. The game is fun and simple to play. The best part is that it is based on cats, and many people already have a soft corner for cats in their hearts. So, this game is rocking it!

Mini-o Stars

Mini-o Stars is a space-based arcade game that requires lightning-fast reflexes. In this game, you have one mission: run between two walls to gather as many coins as possible.

You have enemy troops running after you and must avoid them to collect coins. If you crash into enemy soldiers, it is game over for you. However, if you survive long enough, you will gather enough coins to power up your ability and decimate the enemies.

You begin the game with one character named ‘Luck Skywalker.’ But, after earning enough coins, you can unlock his friends: Old Master, Her Majesty, Rolly, and Chewie. Each character comes with different special powers.

The game is available for you to play on Unlimited Gamez Mo. It is a subscription-based online gaming platform where you can play hundreds of games on your mobile phone and tablet after paying a small subscription fee.


Ever bred caterpillars? If not, then you can do it in this game. The objective is to breed caterpillars and turn them into butterflies. It is not your regular action and adventure game. It is slow, and it is about life!

You play as the owner of caterpillars. You can get them from the store and grow them by providing food and keeping them safe. Caterpillars are bright, rainbow, and often available in different colors, making the game fun and exciting.

If the caterpillar dies, it becomes a part of the dirt, and a new caterpillar takes place. It is a fun game where you also learn about caterpillars—learning while playing a game doesn’t sound too bad!

Dumb Ways to Die

Okay, so this is another exciting game. It isn’t about people, and it doesn’t promote suicide in any way. Instead, it is about the blobs that you have to protect. These are dumb blobs, and they can die if you are not too careful.

As a blob watcher, you aim to protect them from their imaginative ways of dying. As the game progresses, the players must take care of more blobs. The game will test your attention, confidence, and and stress levels and try to keep you calm and use your braibrainokemon Shuffle
Pokemon Shuffle is not about catching Pokemon. It is a puzzle game very similar to Candy Crush. Instead of candies and beans, you must match Pokemon and clear their lines.

The sooner you clean more lines, the faster you clear the levels. Pokemon Shuffle allows you to use three Pokemon powers to remove the layers of Pokemon much quicker.


Greenland is a simple puzzle game in which you try to survive as a villager. You start with a need for resources. These resources are available, but you can only collect them daily. Invaders attack your village at night, and you must fight them off.

In Gridland, time only progresses when you move, so you have ample time to create strategies and play the game smartly. It is a game for clever minds. But one thing is guaranteed. When playing Gridland, one can never get bored.

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a fantastic game. As the name suggests, the game involves a cookie treat. You must put your baker’s cap on in this game and bake cookies. That’s it.

In the game, you can customize every cookie you want and like. You have to use several ingredients to make the best cookies. After that, you can sell these cookies and buy powerups and more ingredients.

Your creativity has no limit in this game. With powerups, you can even automate the whole process and enjoy the proceeds that come your way when you sell the cookies in the market. You can even get help from your grandma to make cookies.

Line Rider

Gamers love Line Rider because of the simplicity it offers. The game starts when you draw a simple line. A sled runner will slide on the line and reach the end. You can create jumps, ditches, loops, and ramps, and the line rider will follow each one.

Your goal is to bring him safely to the end of the level described by a finish line. Like other games, Line Rider's mobile version offers many powerups to help your rider get to the finish line faster.

The Floor Is Lava

The name tells it all! The floor is made of lava, and players will die if their blob touches the floor. When the game begins, players launch their blobs in the air by using their mouse cursors.

However, they can bump into each other, which makes them bounce again. Eventually, each player’s blob will lose energy and touch the floor. They can hardly stay up for more than a minute. The last blob floating in space wins the game.


Remember Flappy Birds? The helicopter is its older version, but it is a lot more fun to play. Developed by Addicting Games, the game is an endless flyer. Your levels keep increasing when you get more points.

As you progress, more obstacles start appearing on the screen, and the helicopter's speed increases, too. Double trouble! This makes it difficult for you to control it. The game is available on the website, and you can play it on a PC or mobile phone.

Books Tower

How many books can you place one over the other? That’s what the Books Tower game helps you know. It is a simple game with average graphics. But what makes it interesting is its unique idea. People want to know how many books they can stack over each other.

When the tower becomes tall, it tilts from one side to the other, depending on the weight of the book towers. That’s when you learn to balance it. It also offers powerups that you can use to improve Book towers’ balance.

Bottom line: Ready to Kill Boredom?

All the games mentioned in this blog are the perfect panacea to eliminate boredom. If you were looking for exciting games to play, your search has ended here.

We hope you will have a lot of fun playing these games. Contact us in the comments section and tell us which game you liked the most.