AI help desk
Customers reach out to the help desk when they have a query or they face any trouble. A customer care agent then attends the query and tries to resolve it. Resolving regular customer issues at the earliest is a critical task. Hence, companies use Help Desk Software to cater to this need.

A Help Desk Software keeps track of all the customer conversations so that your help desk team can support your customers faster and better. Companies can use this Help Desk Software for managing different types of information. Nowadays, you will come across a cloud-based Help Desk Software that helps you get a real-time understanding of the types of messages you are receiving from your customers and how your team is dealing with the same. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology you can improve the accuracy and dependability of the help desk.

AI has entirely changed the way help desk software works. The AI tool automates the process and actually helps the tech team to manage and understand things better. Also, by implementing AI Help Desk Software the tech team will need to focus less on help desk requests and spend more time resolving bigger issues.

Top features of an AI help desk software

  • Ticket management– This is an essential part of any Help Desk Software that helps in organizing the requests of the customers and minimize the clutter. With the aid of AI, the calls from customers that are answered by the executives are logged seamlessly in the cloud. The best part of this ticket management system is it keeps a track record of all the customer calls along with the responses.
  • Automation suite – This feature ensures that the questions from the customers are redirected to the agents who are capable of answering them well. When a ticket is not resolved for a long time it is immediately brought to the notice of a senior person and taken care of thus ensuring the quality of service.
  • Reporting and optimization–This system gives the managers and leaders an overall understanding of things like the number of tickets loaded, the turnaround time and the rate of resolution of each team member, the average customer satisfaction level, etc. It gives the managers a quick perspective of how things are moving and how to make them better.
  • Omni-channel communication – An AI Help Desk Software offers you omnichannel communication that saves you from the trouble of switching between various communication channels and also provides a common platform to collect customer queries from email, live chat, phone, etc. and keep them organized.
  • Collaboration – As your customer support department grows, you need good service desk software to ensure better communication and get the job smoothly. An AI Help Desk Software takes care of such issues. It comes with various options for your team and works a lot faster on tickets without losing any vital information.
  • Community–This is a public forum enabled by your AI Help Desk Software that aids your support team to drive customer engagement. Under this feature, your customers get to post their queries, answer each other's queries and discuss different ideas. By letting the customers interact with each other helps in reducing the work pressure on the support team. This is probably one of the best ways to minimize customer waiting time.
  • Security–In any customer service process, your customers are required to provide their personal information like email address, phone number, Twitter handle, etc. for listing the ticket they have submitted. As per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies should maintain a log of all of their customer information and the ways in which they are being used.
  • The business should engage a number of encryption protocols and security methods to ensure that the sensitive data of their customers are protected from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. A good AI Help Desk Software must be GDPR compliant and meet the industry security standards giving the customers control over how their data is being used and treating data security as the top priority.
  • Flexibility–A decent AI Help Desk Software should be able to match the tools you are already using. Its add-ons and integrations help you to expand the abilities of your help desk. Here, you should note that the apps your team use should be well-integrated with the help desk system.

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