UI/UX Design in Mobile App
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Terms like User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) have become really common in the vocabulary of mobile application development today. The need to focus on UX and UI is essential for any mobile application to succeed, particularly because any mobile app designed without keeping the UX in mind will be too dull in its look and feel to attract users. Usually, UI or UX is the first thing that a user will look for in your app. This decides the first impression your app will have. Thus, we can say that mobile app design is very important in mobile app development.

What is the User Interface (UI) Design?

Contrary to what you may perceive, UI is not just about the aesthetics. It includes the overall presentation and deals with the usability of the app. This means how good the app looks and how well it performs while interacting with the customers. UI designers mostly concentrate on implementing simple navigations and call-to-action buttons to make the application flow smoother.

The market experience is really important for the use of UI in mobile app development. This is because the app needs to be built up to make the use of features and functions easy for the users.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

UX works on enhancing the overall app experience for the users. It does so by taking into consideration how the user is likely to interact with the app. UX in mobile app design needs to be focused on the user's feelings at every stage of the app development.

UX designer works on constantly gathering feedback from the users before and during the app development. They modify the app as per the feedback they receive after the app has been developed. UX's main intention in mobile app design is to increase the app's effectiveness, interactivity, and convenience by keeping it simple and user-friendly.

The UX designers have to engage in competitive analysis and understand your business processes and app requirements to build a unique and logic-driven app.

Aspects of UX/UI in Mobile App Design that Work

To make your app engaging, you need to strike the right balance between UI and UX. This will help in lining up organic traffic on your mobile app. But even after saying that, there is an ongoing debate on what it takes to make an optimal mobile app design. One side supports the appealing interface; on the other hand, others, like Apple, prioritize app simplicity over anything else.

Even though the tools and skillsets required for UX and UI are based on the same knowledge base for the developers, they are basically two completely different disciplines in the mobile app design world.

The difference between UX and UI actually lies in the approach taken by the user towards an app. The modern users look for attractive app looks (which is UI), but they also look for easy navigation to browse the app with fewer touches (the UX). Therefore, the UX designer mainly focuses on how well the app performs across different mobile devices and platforms. On the other hand, the UI designer focuses on building an engaging app interface that makes user interaction with the app easy and simple.

When combined together, the UI/UX of mobile app design can make a business solution intuitive and be engaging at the same time for the customers.