A brand is not complete without a logo. Yes, more than just representing the name, a logo is also the symbol of the company. When people can simply know your company’s logo only by seeing it slightly, it means that the logo just works. It works as a part of promotion and marketing. 

However, designing and creating a logo is not as easy as it seems. You may need a team that brainstorms to think about the best logo for the company. Sure, if there is a site where you can create your own logo instantly, it is much better.

Turbologo.com is a website that enables you to design a logo for free. The designs finally created there are guaranteed to be memorable. Sure, it is a good start for your business mainly if you just begin with it. So, how to use Turbologo as your logo maker? Here are the steps.

Visit Turbologo.com

Sure, first of all, you must visit the official website of Turbologo, it is on Turbologo.com. You can read and learn about the descriptions of how the website works. Besides, there are some samples of logos that have been made by the site. Next, you can directly go to the creation page by clicking the blue button with “Make a Logo” title.

Type the Brand Name

After clicking the blue button, you will automatically go to the next page to start creating your logo. Make sure you have prepared a brand name on your mind. As suggestions, the brand name must be in line with your business type. Besides, it is important also to use words that are memorable and easy to utter. There is also a perception that using a word that has existed before is better for an unforgettable brand name. Well, Apple is a good example of this.

You can enter your company name on the first bar available on the page. The next bar is where you can put the company’s slogan there. for the slogan, it is optional. Next, choose the type of industry your company is working in. Many options are available starting from accessories and accounting to sports and laundry. After choosing one of them, click the Next button.

Choose Color Palettes

On the next page, there are some color palettes available. There are blue, red, green, yellow, and more with various tones. You can choose 3 color palettes at most. When choosing the palettes, use your company field as references. For example, you are selling women accessories, it seems that colors like light red or pink can be a great option.

Choose the Icon

After choosing palettes, the Next button will bring you to the page to choose a logo. So many logo options are available there and you must choose one of them. After choosing, the process of generating the logo is started. Click the “Generating Logo” button and you can see some results. Choose one of them you like the most or the one that looks the best for your brand. It is easy, isn’t it?