Beauty Salon
Getting a beauty treatment or a specific procedure such as a haircut or hair dye job is now a lot more common, and most people go for other procedures such as waxing treatments, Botox injections, peels, and more. When we go to a beauty salon or treatment centre, it's only natural for us to expect the best care and expertise. But what if your visit ended in disaster, with you sustaining an injury at the hands of the beauty specialist or technician? As much as we may not want to think about it, accidents in such places can occur, and if you have suffered from an injury on your visit to the beauty salon or centre, you may be planning to seek compensation. Your compensation can depend on the kind of injury you have, however, and the extent of it. So what really are the most common injuries you can sustain from a beauty salon or centre? Let's find out.

Waxing injuries

Waxing is indeed one of the most popular beauty treatments in the United Kingdom, but it comes with certain risks as well. It is, after all, a relatively aggressive process, and the process can cause injuries such as bikini line burns and general burns to the skin, infections due to the improper cleaning of the skin, damage to the bulb or hair follicle, which means the hair will no longer grow, or skin irritation, a rash, or swelling.

There are many kinds of beauty claims you can make, but waxing injuries are some of the most common claims for beauty injuries. If you have sustained such injuries or the other injuries outlined below, you can file a compensation claim.

Skin damage and chemical burns

There are various treatments that can result in skin damage and even chemical burns, such as microdermabrasion, laser skin rejuvenation and laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and thermage. These are treatments that require the skill of a professionally-trained technician or beautician, and if they make a mistake, you can suffer skin damage. Chemical burns are also quite common as an injury in beauty salons and centres, and this can often occur with treatments such as those for eyebrows, the hair, and treatments using strong acid, bleach, or hair straighteners. You will know you have a chemical burn if you have skin bubbles or blisters, a bacterial infection, obvious burns to the skin, and even damage to your skin tissue underneath the surface.

Injuries due to laser hair removal

Treatment such as laser hair removal can also cause injuries, and even though it is supposed to be safer compared to chemical procedures, there are still risks that come with it. For instance, you can experience side effects if too much hair is removed or if hair is taken from the wrong area, and you can also have burnt skin, permanent scars, and skin or tissue infections.

Injuries due to extensions or dyeing of the eyelashes

Procedures such as the attaching of eyelash extensions or the dyeing of eyelashes have become quite common, but you can also have an injury from such procedures. Some typical injuries associated with these treatments include a scratched cornea, bacterial infections, chemical burns, and even permanent scars.