Coloring is no doubt an activity of great importance for children. As it helps them make better use of their free time. It not only refreshes their mind but also develops some extraordinary skills in them.

The best way to engage your children in the coloring activity is to provide them with the coloring pages they like. Children like coloring pages related to pets, houses, flowers, dolls, superheroes and so on.

Here are some of the most popular and suitable coloring pages for children.

Birds Coloring pages:

Children love to draw and color bird’s picture like parrots, pigeons and so on. Different birds of amazingly nice colors attract the children more than any other thing.

Some of the most beautiful birds include wood duck, bohemian waxwing, keel billed-toucan, peacock, golden pheasant and flamingo. These beautiful birds are really nice and captivating.

These colorful birds catch the attention quickly and every person likes them. Hence the Birds coloring pages is an excellent idea. Children would definitely like to color bird’s pictures.

Winnie-the-pooh Coloring pages:

Winnie-the-pooh also called as Pooh is a fictional character created and introduced by an English author A.A Milne. Firstly, it was introduced in the stories as teddy bear character. But, later on some cartoon and film series featuring the Pooh as a central character were also released. It gained popularity among the children.

Children and especially the girls love to watch the Pooh. Pictures of Pooh look amazingly cute and attractive. That’s children enjoy watching it.

Taking into account the popularity among the children pooh proves to be an extraordinary idea regarding coloring. Children would obviously like the Pooh coloring pages.

So, providing your children with Pooh coloring pages will be a good choice to initiate and flourish coloring interest in them.

Halloween Coloring pages:

Halloween is a three day celebration in many countries on 31 October every year. The prime purpose behind the celebration of this event is to remember all the dead and martyrs. This celebration is specifically connected with Christion religion.

Children enjoy this event in many ways. They wear Halloween costumes while celebrating this event. These costumes include vampire, ghosts, and monsters, skeleton as well as witches attire.

Children also enjoy some traditional games and activities at this event. So children like to celebrate this event because this event is a holiday and children enjoy it.

So, the idea of Halloween Coloring sheets would also work well. You may provide your children with Halloween coloring sheets by downloading and printing them from internet or purchasing them from markets.


Transportation Coloring sheets:

Majority of the children have interest in transportation vehicles. They love to watch the transportation vehicle based cartoons as well as pictures.

Most of the time they draw different vehicles and color them with amazing and bright colors. They show interest in vehicles like cars, bikes, buses, trucks and etc.

If you provide them with the transportation coloring sheets, obviously, they will be willing to color them with happiness. So, we can say that these coloring sheets will be the best way to flourish the interest of coloring in your children.


Coloring activity can help the children develop some skills which may help them tackle the challenges they have to face in the future. It sharpens and evolve their inner skills.

At the same time coloring activity saves them from being indulged in useless and addicting activities like video gaming and excessive cartoon watching.

So , what you need to do is to provide your children with coloring sheets. The above mentioned colring pages and sheets may help you greatly in this regard.