Cartotecnica Postumia,

Are you looking for packaging supplies and paper bags near you and you can’t find any original and customised solution for your business? Don’t be afraid and have a look at the new website of Cartotecnica Postumia a family-run company based in Carmignano di Brenta (PD), a town in Northern Italy, that supplies customers worldwide.

Since 1967, Cartotecnica Postumia has been designing, printing and manufacturing paper packaging and customized paper solutions for the food industry and shoppers for the retail industry. On the new website of the company you will find a wide choice of models, colors and designs according to every need, so why should you choose to buy packaging supplies and paper bags from an Italian company? There are four reasons why we would like to suggest you Cartotecnica Postumia. Let’s find out more about them.

Complete service, from graphic design to distribution

First of all, Cartotecnica Postumia is not just a paper manufacturing company but it is also specialised in all the phases of the paper packaging production, from the graphic design concept to the distribution of your goods worldwide.

For example, if you manage a little clothing store or a grocery, probably there won't be a graphic designer or a marketing specialist on your staff who can explain to you how to design your paper bags for food or which color palette to use for your branded shoppers.

Cartotecnica Postumia designs a personalised project and branded paper bags and shoppers according to your needs. You will only have to tell the experts who you are, what your core business is, and the goals you aim to achieve. They will take care to interpret these information in order to translate them into a creative project and product that can effectively communicate the identity of your brand through the right packaging.

Certified paper for a sustainable future

Nowadays, sustainability is a hot topic but Cartotecnica Postumia has always paid attention to this issue choosing certified raw materials and optimizing the processes.

In fact, paper goods made by Cartotecnica Postumia are printed with water-based inks only on certified paper. The 97% of the raw paper used for the shopping bags comes from certified and sustainable forests while the 100% of the raw paper used for the industrial packages comes from certified forests. Cartotecnica Postumia has achieved the FSC ® and PEFC ™ certifications.

Quality control and human value

The company guarantees the highest quality of paper goods thanks to strict quality control operations carried out by 34 quality control officers. Despite the extreme precision of the cutting and printing machines and their high technological level, the company believes that the manual work gives an added value to the products. This is the reason why Cartotecnica Postumia decided to guarantee its customers high standards level also thanks to its quality control staff.

Lean thinking is not just a state of mind

Change is the founding value of Cartotecnica Postumia and this is the reason why, in 2015, the company decided to change its business model according to the Lean Thinking approach. What does it mean? The company decided to eliminate and reduce what is not necessary, even in production processes, so the factory soon became a workshop, overcoming the concept of assembly line and industrial production. The aim is to pay more attention to quality and not to quantity.