It is known that a meat grinder is a device used to grind or chop meat or beef to make any food. But can you grind bones in a meat grinder? Is it possible or not?

Yeah! It is right, and there has really some meat grinders that let you grind the bone also for your pet.

Don’t throw the bone after eating the meat. Just use your meat grinder to grind them and serve the grinder bones in front of your pet.

How? This post is to know you how can you do this job.

Let’s go ahead and learn how to grind bone using your meat grinder step by step.

Can You Grind Bones in A Meat grinder?

Of Course, you can. But for this, you have to have a heavy-duty electric meat grinder for bones and just follow the steps one by one to make your job easy.

In this step, we have tried to discuss all fact that you should need to know about grinding bones using a meat grinder.

Step-1: Select the best grinder

A good meat grinder can last long, and they come into different ranges depending on the brand, quality, and capability. When you will go for picking the meat grinder, you must read the packaging and ensure it is right for bone grinding. If you have to grind bone for large pets or dogs food, you need to select a heavy-duty model meat grinder.

Step-2: Select Bones

When you think of preparing a meal for your pet, you should first think they would like to eat in the wild. Poultry wings, rib cages, necks, or back of small animals like fish, rabbits, and rodents can be the excellent choice to grind the bones. Choose the bones are soft, short, and thin that can make sure they will grind easily and quickly.

Step-3: Divide the Bone

Take the sharpest and strongest knife and separate the bone from the meat that you want to take to grind.  You can take the lying bone from your dining table as well. Now cut the bones into smaller pieces so that they will feed into the grinder easily. If you have the plan to mix vegetables or meats with the bones, you should also cut into small sections to fit them in the grinder. 

Step-4: Set Out a Bowl

If you think that your grinder needs a bowl to catch the ground bone, you can set out a bowl depending on your grinder size. But before setting up your grinder, you have to make sure that there has enough space to set out the bowl. You should use a clean and large size bowl.

Step-5: Feed the Bone into Grinder

Feed the bone into the grinder and turn it on to grind. But keep your fingers and hand safe distance so that for pushing the bones into the mixer. Don’t feed the bone hurry that will cause the grinder to break. So, always wait until the last bone pass before adding the next one.  

Step-6: Grind Multiple Bones

Add bones as many as you need to grind. You should add a cup of water to make sure that everything is grinding properly with perfect consistency. If you are making pet food, you should keep a small amount of meat with the bone to give a good bone texture.

Step-7: Store the Bone Ground

Put the ground bone into a sealed container and store it in the refrigerator for 5-days if you have ground a large amount of bone. It helps you to prevent spoiling. The bones contain blood after grinding. It will start to spread the smell. If you notice that the ground bone spread odor smell, or change the colors and texture, don't feed them to your pets.

Wrapping Up!

Can you grind bones in a meat grinder? Yes, it is possible to pick the right types of meat grinders that can also use to crush bones. After the above discussion, it almost has cleared before you that you can use your meat grinder to grind bones for your pet.

So, enjoy your meat grinder also for your making your pet’s food besides your kitchen tasks.