Building Management System
Due to the increasing development of technology in the construction industry, the possibility of building huge buildings on technically and economically unimaginable scales has become a new thing. The construction of buildings that accommodate all human purposes and provide access to all the facilities needed by users and residents in the shortest possible time and the nearest place has been the focus of industry activists.

Providing the necessities of life in such buildings, as well as the ability to adapt to the external environment, including controlling energy consumption based on the conditions of the external environment in them, will not be possible using traditional methods. Therefore, in parallel with the development of construction technologies, a new technology called the Building Management System (BMS) has been introduced.

In the following, we will introduce this building automation system, express its advantages and applications.

Benefits of building automation controls and implementation of building management system

Although the implementation of the building management system increases the construction costs of the building, the amount of savings in the current building costs resulting from the implementation of this system can offset the initial outlay in a short time. Besides, it brings a higher level of comfort and convenience to building users (residents, guests and managers). Also, building automation systems have high controllability, and by implementing the appropriate structure, it is possible to control its various components from around the world. By defining different access levels, the controllability of multiple components can be levelled so that some changes can be applied only to authorized users and if the defined password is entered.

In general, the public benefits and results of operating a building management system can be summarized as follows:
  • Provide a high level of comfort for all building users (residents, guests, managers and staff)
  • Optimal operation of equipment and increase their useful life and significantly reduce maintenance costs
  • Provide building automation controls system with the ability to schedule performance time
  • Eliminate operator error due to computer control
  • Optimization and energy saving
  • Ability to monitor and control all controlled points via a personal computer or smartphone via the Internet
  • Integration of management of various facilities and systems in the building and, as a result, coordinated operation of all equipment
  • Ability to receive statistical reports on the performance of all equipment to optimize consumption

Why is it better to leave the implementation of building management system to HDL Automation?

HDL Automation has been set up for over 30 years, entering the astute framework for more than 10 years. Gathered countless venture cases, they win loads of industry grants, and its reputation is notable. HDL Automation's group finishes its items from innovative work to create. 

To ensure the product delivery as scheduled, HDL Automation fully controls each link in the product life cycle. At the same time, they can effectively deal with possible after-sales problems. This organization has numerous long periods of specialized gathering. There is an exacting quality administration methodology; all items must pass the full specialized confirmation and severe quality examination before they can be placed into creation.

Simultaneously, they pay attention to various problems encountered in the practical application of the product and continuously improve the product in the life cycle. Stable and reliable products, you can rest assured! Here are HDL Automation’s top benefits of building management system.
  • Steady Control: A top advantage of building management system is the control that property directors have from anyplace. They have every minute of every day admittance to the structure's frameworks from any gadget that can associate with the web. If there is a gathering during off-hours or support staff need office access on an end of the week – the property administrator can alter the HVAC, turn on the lights, turn off the security, and open the entryways with the press of a catch.
  • Smart software settings: building management system can get familiar with the structure inhabitant's propensities and modify the HVAC in like manner. The warmth or cooling will be turned down or off during off-hours and naturally went to a pleasant temperature during the available time. Abandoned territories of the structure can have lights diminished naturally until the zone is involved. This will set aside properties cash on their service bills.
  • Money Savings: Energy used by commercial buildings is always a significant concern. Nowadays, the lighting and HVAC devices consume 70% of the buildings' electricity. But half of them are wasted due to inefficient building management systems. With HDL building automation system, the buildings considerably reduce consumption of power.