Some tricks about auto mechanical make your life easier, and you can save yourself in any situation at any time. Those tricks are lifesavers when you are not as prepared as you need to be.

All those tricks might not give you a permanent solution, but you can get some time to go to a workshop with your car.

With your little knowledge, you can improve the car performance what are the things quickly. From this article, you are going to find some easy tricks about an auto mechanic.

Know If You Need New Tires

It is a straightforward trick that you will know if you need new tires only from a penny. Just insert a penny on your tire tread grooves with your finger.

If you see the pennies head from the tread, that means the tread depth is not enough for your car tires. Buy tires which tread depth is 1.6mm inches.

Use Vinegar and Water to Your Windshield

If you live in an area or wintertime when you face snowy weather all day or night, it is a widespread problem that lots of ice will be on your windshield.

Sometimes the defroster cannot help you out from the situation. The ice could also be stored in any tight places in your car where you cannot clean them easily.

Only hot water cannot save your car. Pour some vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle then spray it on the ice. This solution will melt the ice instantly.

Use Multifunction Saving Tools

Use multiple function-saving tools to use as a hammer, compass, glass breaker, flashlight, power bank, and many more.

According to the website Mechanicable, this type of tool can save you from any serious car accident where you need to get out of your car immediately, or you need to charge your mobile to call someone. These are small tools that are very useful in every situation.

Jump Start the Car Battery

Knowing how to jump-start your car is an essential trick everyone should know. Dead battery problems mainly happen in the winter season or cold area where you don't start your car for long. It can also happen in the middle of the road.

So, having a jump start battery tool is essential for all drivers. Buy a portable car battery jump starter and a USB Power Bank. You can also charge your mobile with a power bank.

Headlights Clean

It is another mandatory job to clean your headlights regularly. Sometimes your car headlight won't look like a mirror with a soapy solution, and chemical-based solutions are expensive too.  But one thing can be made your headlights almost new, and that is toothpaste.

If you wipe the headlights with toothpaste and rinse it with warm water, your headlights will be turned out very clean and shiny.

Fix the Cracked Windows

Your windows can be cracked for many reasons, such as flying stones or pushed with any sharp object. If you do not fix the crack quickly, it will grow bigger.

You can use windshield sealant, but what if it is not with you now? In this situation, nail polish can save your window. Apply nail polish on the cracks, and it will stop the cracks spreading.

Shine Up Your Leather Seat

Olive oil is a very traditional ingredient to make any leather or rubber shiny. You can shine your leader seats and tire shiny. Just take a clean cloth and pour some olive oil in it. Simply rub your sear or tire with a circular motion.

Apply two or three coats for better results. Remember, you should clean your tire seats before applying the olive oil. Do it once every two or three months. Otherwise, excess use can make your sea or tire sticky.