We all have seen, if not used, backpacks many times in our life. They are considered as one of the most convenient ways to carry heavy baggage with the least effort. Therefore, they are equally popular among people of all ages, genders, and regions. However, have you ever wondered what makes them so popular? Where did they originate from? How many types do they have?

Well, whatever your questions are, we are here to answer them! We will discuss everything from its history to its propinquity in this 10-minute read!

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History Of Backpacks

These sleek & stylish contemporary backpacks that you see on the back of kids next-door going to school or even Hollywood celebrities have a history. These contemporaries Under Armour backpacks that you see did not appear from the thin air. Rather, like everything in this world, they have their origin and a purpose behind their originating.

Backpacks have a rich history and their earliest usage can be traced back when Scandinavian voyagers used them while traveling to carry their belongings on their back with minimal effort. Along with Scandinavian voyagers, the arctic people also made use of backpacks to carry their possessions. The creativity of these two cultures led to the inspiration of backpacks for designers who then infused subjective novelty in them to make them more convenient as per the unique demands of the users.

The first attempt towards contemporary backpacks was made by a person named Henry Merriam. He patented it in 1878 and called it knapsack. There were fundamental faults in the design at the start that led to reporting of the issues like back or shoulder pain, etc.

However, a Norwegian Inventor, Ole Bergan, hit the discovery of comfortable backpacks in 1908. He made necessary transfigurations in the design of the backpacks with the help of metal that made them a popular use for the next 25 years.

Soon after that, Lloyd Nelson tried his luck in refurbishing the design of the backpacks by using wooden frames. This design was then mass-produced for the use of people. This infusion of novelty led to experimentation with the design by using different materials like canvas and steel, etc.

People like Jerry Cunningham, Åke Nordin, Dick, and Nina Kelty further played their role in improvising the design by adding zippers to them or making them large and lightweight.

However, all the inventions cannot parallelize the invention of nylon backpacks. Nylon was stronger than canvas and it soon became word of the mouth. Nylon backpacks particularly made their way towards academia due to the convenient functionality.

All this process of the evolution of the backpack only made it well-diversified to be an apt choice for people from every walk of life. Let them be travelers, athletes, or students, you can find the pertinent style of backpacks for everyone from places like SportsWearCode.

Now, when you are well-versed about the substantiality of the backpacks by knowing their history, you can make a more informed decision while buying a backpack. Being able to know the factors that play a role in categorizing a specific type of backpack will lead you towards a knowledgeable verdict while shopping.

So, we will discuss the types of backpacks that you can buy right according to your needs.

Main Types Of Backpacks

Here are the main types of backpacks listed that you can buy according to your needs & demands:


Starting from the simplest, a daypack is your ally in the simplest of the times you spend every day. A daypack contains just enough space for carrying a day’s essentials. It has slots and pockets to support your everyday lifestyle.

Overnight Backpacks

A little improvised form of daypacks, an overnight backpack can be your highly reliable companion when you are out for a night trip. It is bigger and holds more slots and pockets than a daypack in order to make your night trip convenient.

Hydration Backpacks

Hydration backpacks should be your go-to choice if you are going out for adventure in nature where you may not find water easily. A hydration backpack has the capacity to store 2 to 10 liters of water so that thirst does not become a hurdle between your adventure. They are also typically easy to carry.

Traveling Backpacks

Traveling Under Armour backpacks can serve the need for suitcases on a lighter note. They have various compartments in them so that you can take all of your belongings without any hassle. You can just pack and carry, and rest assured that you will not mess up your traveling in terms of inefficient carriage.

Cycling Backpacks

When you commute by a cycle or you do cycle for fun, a cycling backpack is a must-have! You can carry a considerable amount of burden without any strain. The cycling backpack will help you keep the load on your body with proper balance.

Hiking/Trekking Backpacks

When you are out for hiking or trekking, the last thing you want is running out of supplies. However, at the same time, carrying so many essentials will also feel burdensome for you. But not if you get a good hiking/trekking backpack. With a lot of slots and pockets and an apt frame, your backpack will be your most dependable companion while hiking.

Academic Backpacks

If you are a student and have a lot of books to carry to your school or college, getting an academic backpack will be your best investment out of your pocket money. You will be comfortable enough to carry all your textbooks, notebooks, art supplies, all the stationery, water bottles, and even your lunchbox without feeling any pressure at all!

No one can believe the role backpacks play in our lives. Therefore, in order to enjoy their perks optimally, make sure that you pick the one that suits your needs perfectly. Moreover, buying from a reputable place like SportsWearCode that will give you surety of buying only high-quality products!

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