Small Room

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Most of us wanted to have large and luxurious homes with huge and spacious rooms in it, but not all are fortunate enough could afford to own one. As property prices are steadily rising, and rooms getting smaller, most of us suffer getting limited spaces.

As a result, homeowners struggle to maximize every little space they have in their respected homes. Today let me give you some tips on how to maximize your living spaces in a beginner’s perspective. 

Multi-purpose Furniture

If your space is limited, it will be wise enough to select multi-purpose furniture. These are those easy to move and compact type of furniture that will offer double or even triple duties in your space such as a coffee table that has storage drawers in it.

Sofas that are convertible to bed at night would be another example if you are living in a very small space. By using this, you can use your sofa in the morning and turn it into a bed at night.

Lighting fixtures

Instead of using lamp posts or lampshades, you can install lighting fixtures on your wall to save valuable spaces. These extra spaces might be a great place for another piece in your living spaces.

As we all know, beds consume a lot of space in our room. It would be ideal if we will purchase beds that have storage drawers at its side. Is such case we would be able to spare some spaces instead of getting a different storage piece.


A good example is in our kitchen, instead of getting storage furniture for some of our pans and other kitchen wares; we can install hooks so that we can hang some of those. You can also install hooks behind your doors for your coats and other hanging pieces.

It offers a variety of storage needs yet saves some spaces than cabinets. You can install shelves just below your ceiling for light storage such as books, toys and display pieces.
Corner stands

Make use of the corners in your living spaces. You can install corner cabinets or shelves for books, jars and others. 

Light-coloured theme

White is known to offer occupants a sense of being in bigger spaces than any other colours. Painting your living spaces white will give you a pleasant and peaceful feeling in your living area as well as a little bit of spaciousness.

With all that being said, another best way to maximize your living spaces is to avoid curtains. Curtains are large and bulky obtrusion to your small room. As an alternative to curtains, you can use blinds as it offers more space than curtains in a small space.

However, never choose a blind that is large and bulky as there are those in that type. Use Roman blinds instead as they are fully retractable and allows light to penetrate your room as well as keeping your windows looking elegant, neat and tidy.

Roman blinds also come in a variety of colours and fabrics that matches your small rooms, some types are clip-on. You will just have to clip it in your windows without needing for cords and brackets making your windows completely free from cluttering thus maximizing your small space and giving it a more neat appearance.

To Conclude

There are a variety of ways in maximizing your living areas small or big, but those tips listed above are most, proven and tested way of making the most of every bit of space you may have.