Coming up with a novel idea for a mobile app is challenging. The digital marketplace is inundated with an unlimited number of apps. These apps have usage that cuts across all walks of life. Daily, individuals seek an updated version of these apps, compelling developers to improve continuously.

The fact that there are 20 billion mobile devices worldwide in 2024 makes it easy to figure out the reason for amplified demand. From banking to education to healthcare and booking tickets, everything is at our fingertips.

Mobile apps are more of a lifestyle now and not merely a tech trend that fades away within a month.

Categorize your app

The success of an app varies according to the solutions it offers. It would be best if you segment your idea in either of the following categories:
  • It is an extension of your existing brand/business (following the corporate trends)
  • It introduces a new concept of entertainment or convenience (Netflix or eBay)
Both categories aim to fulfill the needs of customers and increase the revenue stream. There is plenty of room for success if you want to create an app that will be the next big hit.

App ideas for 2024

Join heads with your development team and hash out the info about market trends and demands before you waltz into app development. Some ideas that will bring positive outcomes in 2024 are:

Book Reviews and Sharing App

This app will target all the book worms out there, looking for like-minded people. It will be the social forum where they can divulge into intellectual conversations about the authors and their new releases. Users can arrange meetings, literary discussions, and chat with their nerdy fellows.

People can read reviews about the newly-released books and decide if they want to make the purchase. The app can pull data from Goodreads, Amazon, and other such platforms.

Not everyone can afford to buy the first copies or access libraries. A classic book-sharing app will make all book-lovers go gaga.

Healthcare App

Healthcare App

Today, a large number of medical assistance applications are contributing to the well-being of people. These apps allow the patient to follow a healthy regime, track their physical activities, and reach out to the healthcare professional with ease.

According to Flurry analysis, the number of people using health applications increased by 62% over the last four years. Meanwhile, overall application usage increased by 33%.

It would take a few years for you to create a comprehensive healthcare app that covers all the medical needs of the users. Few initial ideas you can work on if you intend to develop a healthcare app are:
  • Provide nutritional advice to help people make better diet choices
  • Allow for secure communication with the doctor
  • Allow viewing the results of laboratory analysis
  • Instant calling to the doctor or the emergency room
The components of your app depend on your company and competition in the field. This segment deals with a sensitive issue, i.e., human health. It needs careful planning and curation. Medical IT news research shows that only 2% of healthcare applications successfully make it to the grid.

Food Recommendation App

Virginia Woolf said: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”

Among many other things that tech has changed, our eating habits have also been impacted. Mobile apps allow us to have the food we crave within a jiffy.

With a food recommendation app, users can look up for new restaurants that have opened in town and check out what people have to say about them.

It will also show suggestions from foodies in the chosen vicinity. These are the people who love to explore and excite their taste buds. They put out recommendations and reviews of what people can try out when they visit a particular place.

Fitness Calculator App

With the growing concern of people regarding fitness across the globe, a fitness tracking app can turn out quite profitable.

According to Statista’s forecast, fitness applications that analyze fitness goals like weight lifts or miles ran are going to become more popular.

There are three kinds of fitness apps you can opt for:
  • Workout and exercise app
  • Nutrition app
  • Activity tracking app

You can add charts and graphs in the user interface of the application to help the users maintain a watch on their overall fitness.

It includes a check on their weight, heart rate, blood pressure, diabetic level, etc. Users can check their overall activity score for the day and seek assistance from professionals for meal charts or lifestyle plans.

Language Learning App

Learning a foreign language is a tough ask. The best way to do it is to immerse yourself entirely in an environment where it is widely spoken.

A language learning app tends to facilitate users with simulation learning. Although virtual, it exposes them to the basics of the new language and how natives use it. When people learn the word in a context, it increases their retention.

Along with it, you can also add audio-visual aid to help users learn by listening to the correct pronunciation and usage of the word.

By adding filters like the variance of levels (from beginner to advanced), you can ensure that the app covers the need of all users.

One such app, Duolingo, is an incredible model of a language learning app. Similarly, there are many other prominent language learning apps available in the market. You can recreate an app structure based on their model and introduce additional features alongside.

Other factors of success

Two important considerations when developing a successful app are security and spam. Mobile apps have always been prone to various cyber-attacks since they store users’ personal details. Thus, establishing a secure connection is imperative when building an app.

Secondly, customers are irked if they are spammed with too many messages and notifications. This is especially true for chatting, healthcare, and banking apps that involve a lot of activity. Spam also hurts an app's retention rate.

For example, hook by AirG saw its retention rate improve after the developer introduced the AirG spam-free feature. It cut down the number of messages users received and stopped sending them needless notifications.

Verdict - Activate your Creative Juices and Slay!

Every digital ride is bound to have its successes and failures. Nonetheless, only quit if you have tried your level best.

We hope our blog helped you understand what app will yield success in today’s day and age. In case you have any other fantastic idea which you can vouch for – go for it!