hotel industry
The front desk plays essential role in the hotel industry as it is the first area we encounter in a hotel or resort. It is the first and the last point of interaction for all the individuals entering a hotel. They have all the information about the guests, packages, employees, and all the essential details related to their domain.

Read on to learn about the importance of front office in the hotel industry:

  • Arrange Accommodation: The hotel front office manages everything from arranging rooms, cleanliness, and food quality, and ensuring everything is under control. They agree rooms for guests as per their requirements sometimes customers demand non-smoking rooms, so they have to put it in a stipulated period. In addition, they can also place any special requests that guests may have.
  • Handling Complaints: The guests lodge their complaints or issues at the front office. So, the professionals in this domain must be very skilful in solving such complaints. They coordinate with the maintenance department to look for possible loopholes and try to solve the issue as soon as possible. They also check out the guests at the end of their stay to ask for feedback.
  • Porter Service: Porter's service is an integral part of the front desk job. They have to label and carry the guest's luggage, sweep, mop floors, and vacuum carpets and ensure that the building entrance is free of clutter at all times for the smooth movement of guests to the reception area or the appropriate office. They also arrange taxi services if a customer demands as their job is to run errands for guests and employees. Porters also fix minor technical issues, report damages, call technicians, and monitor repairs to ensure everything is working perfectly in the room.
  • Manage to check in and check out: Front office managers have to sort things professionally; it's not just about hosting a guest but following the rest of the preparations along with the guest list. They must forward the guest list to a different department for record-keeping and other management processes.
  • Concierge Area: Concierge area is concerned with arranging all the activities that are part of that travel package. The travel package offered by the hotel includes the activities, whether its entertainment, travel or any other recreational activity; the front office desk has to provide them with everything. Front desk professionals deliver correspondence to the front desk to provide pre-arrival support, facilitates correspondence with guests, and act as the site liaison for services. They provide outstanding customer service to all guests and assist them in a proactive, friendly, and efficient manner with proper follow-up as required.
The role of front office professionals involves many other jobs rather than just managing the front operations. They coordinate with the accounts department, housekeeping department, and other online reservation departments to synchronise with the hotel policies. There are many skills to develop with front office courses, as the first impression is the most essential part of this job.