best bathroom

A bathroom is a place for privacy; it is as important as the kitchen, the living room, or the patio. And it is always important to know which are the best options to choose for its distribution.

The bathrooms have different distributions to each person's taste, an essential piece in these are the taps, the highend faucets, medium-range, different shapes and sizes, more than an element for hygiene a decorative element.

What are the types of bathroom taps?

The bathroom faucet with sprayer, despite fulfilling a routine function, the way to fulfill this function varies according to the form of these, so we will name the types of faucets to exist: 
  • Individual taps: This type of faucet is common in showers; they provide only two types of temperature, hot and cold water, depending on the number of turns given to the tap will be the temperature that will come out the water.
  • Single lever taps: These have control through which cold and hot water circulates equally; this control can turn about 180°, depending on the movement made in this will leave a temperature.
  • Two-handle taps: As its name indicates, this type of fixtures has two controls; each controls a water temperature, cold and hot type. Because of their shape, they consider being antique or vintage taps.
  • These taps are the most traditional, with its two-key design is undoubtedly one of the most famous fixtures in the whole market. Even so, these designs have been discontinued over time and will soon be a thing of the past.
  • Battery taps: This type of fixture has a spout and two stopcocks on its sides; the main pipe connects the two stopcocks where one circulates cold water and in the other hot water.
What differentiates this type of faucet from the two-handle faucets are the types of design since they are more modern and their main outlet pipe is usually longer, more like a kitchen faucet.

Thermostatic mixer taps: a highend faucet, more modern and up-to-date, consists of two different controls to control each section; one of them holds the water flow and the other the temperature that will come out.

Which are the best bathroom faucet companies?

Over the years, humankind has been continually changing concerning the trends used when building their bathrooms or other home spaces; this has led companies to follow these trends, each following style patterns or creating their style as are the companies of high-end taps.

Some of these companies that we will name consider the best; they provide ergonomic designs. What determines a highend faucet from other faucets is the quality of its materials and the way it installs, and how often it needs maintenance.

Among the best manufacturers of bathroom faucet with sprayer, we can name the following companies:


It is a German company characterized by making ergonomic models, as a global brand seeks to stay abreast of current trends while maintaining its quality, high technology, and sustainability.

There are homes around the world that, when thinking about bathroom taps, already have their company of preference Grohe kitchen faucet. And this is one of those you should always keep in mind when remodeling the home's room.


Another company focused on making high-quality products thanks to high resistance material alloys with stylish designs that give a luxury look. In their plans, the best known are the single lever waterfall taps and also the anti-noise taps.

These two brands already mentioned have an undisputed reputation as high-end faucet companies; this reputation is gain over the years. However, companies dedicated to bathroom faucet with sprayer that, despite not being the first on the list, for many are the best manufacturers of bathroom taps.


Surely you have heard it, Aurulum is a company that is characterized by its high quality, modern and classic designs adaptable to all types of basins.

In their designs of bathroom taps, they have a great variety where they offer high-end mixer taps, taps with automatic electronic sensors, and even bathroom taps with a removable shower. One of their most famous fixtures is the black bathroom taps, either in its presentation of spout or waterfall.


Homelody is one of the first options for many people because their taps at the time of purchase contain all the installation accessories. Which will make that once you have it in your hands, you can install it since it comes with a manual that facilitates its execution.

Despite being a company that knows in kitchen faucets, it has modern designs for bathroom taps, such as waterfall faucets or black bathroom faucet.


This company recognizes for its modern and practical designs. Among its most well-known products is the black bathroom faucet, which has been in great demand in recent times due to its new style. They also have traditional taps such as spout taps or more modern designs such as showerhead taps with a showerhead.

Is there a better company than a bathroom faucet manufacturer?

The answer to this question is entirely subjective; each person's needs regarding which tap they are interested in acquiring will depend on different factors: the economic capacity, the excellent design to the user's taste, or a specific company.

Some people can commit themselves by their vocation to acquire products of a single brand; at the end of the day, the factors will depend on each individual. A company cannot claim to be the best in the manufacture of bathroom faucet with sprayer; there will always be different opinions depending on individual experiences and needs.