When it comes to selecting an appropriate dining table for Indian homes, Nilkamal can be your one-stop solution. With a wide array of eye-catching and robust dining table varieties, you are all set to make your dining experience everlasting. There is a Nilkamal dining table for everyone, regardless of their budgets. Nilkamal furniture including the dining tables has become a household name in India for all the right reasons. 

Wide product range

As you know, many Indian families live together, and then there are those who live in small apartments. From 8-seater dining tables to the ones that ideally fit in a small apartment, Nilkamal dining tables are there for the taking. Furthermore, Nilkamal also prioritizes the quality of the material.

From plastic to wood, you can pick up anything that fits your requirements.  We would particularly like to highlight the glass dining tables. If you have never used them before, then you should try them out. Not only do these dining tables look elegant and charming, but they are also budget-friendly too.  You can find a Nilkamal dining table in both online and the brick and mortar store outlets in all the major cities of India.

The added advantages

Nilkamal leaves no stone unturned in making your buying experience convenient. Perhaps you are in an urgent requirement of a dining table but do not have the spare funds to buy it. Nilkamal offers easy EMI options. Additionally, when you choose the one that suits your requirements, they will make the necessary arrangements to deliver it at your residence free of cost.

Then again, Nilkamal goes the extra mile in offering customer satisfaction by offering free assembly of their dining tables. Lastly, you are guaranteed to receive quality assurance. Generally, these products are very robust and should last for several years. If you require any assistance, you will find help in a quick time.

Nilkamal glass table tops

As mentioned before, it is worthwhile trying the glass tabletops. The tempered glass table tops have thicknesses over 15mm and sport chrome-plated legs. You can also go for the dining table sets, as the chairs blend perfectly with the stylish-looking dining table. Available in various shapes and sizes, these dining tables should cater to the prerequisites of every Indian household. Hosting events and parties alongside a glass top Nilkamal dining table will set the aura for the evening accurately.

Nilkamal Wooden dining table

Most of the wooden collection dining tables at Nilkamal are made of rubber or engineered wood. However, they also have specific solid wood dining tables. Expectedly, all these wooden variants offer great functionality and complement the decoration of various types of dining spaces.

The Nilkamal dining tables made of Walnut deserve a special mention here. It gets a sophisticated appeal owing to the marble top. If you have the budget, then think no further, this dining table rightfully promises to be the center of attraction of your dining room.

Nilkamal Plastic Rosewood dining table

Every Indian loves eating out. Thus, Nilkamal also offers a wide range of products for restaurants. The specialty of these dining tables, despite being plastic the top material is made of Rosewood. Therefore, it offers robustness, and the price of the product extremely low. Here again, you have the choice of buying dining table sets. The polypropylene plastic can sustain adequate weight and offers great value for your money.

So, as you can see, Nilkamal dining tables are tailor-made for Indian conditions. Whether you prefer using them at your home or at a restaurant, they will fulfill your expectations without putting stress on your purse strings. Go and try them out, and we assure, you will not regret the buying decision.