Criminal Lawyer
Though it is not Australia's capital, Sydney is the most popular city in the Land Down Under. Tourists flock into town to see the architectural masterpieces called the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. These two icons have placed Sydney on the world map! This cosmopolitan hub is bustling with tourists and economic activities. Unfortunately, one thing you cannot avoid in the course of life is offending someone. With an increasing litigious Australian society, you have to be prepared if you are slapped with wrongful criminal charges.

When you face something of this magnitude, you need to find the best criminal law firm in Sydney to represent you. Though there are many law firms, not all of them are the same. Establishing a relationship with the right firm gives a chance at the best defence possible. Taking the time to look for a reputable firm will ensure you are well-represented in court. Though it seems tough and tedious to search for the right lawyer, it is certainly the most important decision you will ever make. Here is how to find the best criminal lawyer for your defence:

Pick Someone Responsive

When you are slapped with a criminal charge, you will have sleepless nights. Time is also essential in addressing this issue. As such, you need a responsive lawyer who will work on your case immediately. Upon making initial contact, you need a quick reply. The legal team should arrange a meeting within the day or the next day. A good rule of thumb: if they cannot answer their phone or emails swiftly, they will be the same when they defend you. So stay away! Time lost equates to a lost case.

Find the Right Specialisation

Lawyers also have specialisations. Some are adept at estate planning or commercial law, while others have thorough experience in real estate. For criminal cases, you have to pick a law firm specialising in criminal defence so they can effectively address your needs. With their regular involvement in criminal proceedings, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to defend you. Your lawyer should explain the charge against you, along with the possible penalties and repercussions. A criminal attorney will be familiar with the laws and ask you the right questions to build your defence.

Look for Local Court Experience

When looking for your criminal law firm in Sydney, find one with a breadth of experience with local courts. People often overlook this; it is a crucial one. Local connections will help you out when you are fighting an erroneous criminal charge. When your lawyer knows the local court's ins and outs, he or she can craft a better strategy to win your case.

Do a Background Check

It is best to work with a referral coming from people you trust. This gives you the most assurance. However, if that does not yield results, you must do your homework. With the internet at your disposal, you can conduct your own background check. Verify from the bar association if the lawyers in your prospective firm are in good standing. If someone has any formal discipline on record, take it as a red flag. You can also look for online ratings, reviews, and testimonials. Reading all these will give you an idea of what their past clients say.

Search for a Clear Fee Payment

Finally, you want a law firm that will give you a clear fee structure so you won't get confused or overwhelmed when their bill comes. A reputable law firm will explain how they bill and what their fees are for their services upfront. Remember that the cheapest lawyer is not always the best. Be sure to ask what specific services are included to get an idea of the total cost. Don't be ashamed to ask questions because you are looking for an ally to protect your interests.