Finding great music to listen to and download has never been so easy. Ten years ago, we had to go to a store to buy a cassette or a CD to listen to our favorite music. But that’s not the case anymore. Thanks to the internet, we can instantly get access to the latest music anytime we want.

So, how do you find that music? Don’t worry, we have made a list of apps that you can use on your smartphones to listen to and download Nigerian latest music online:



It is one of the first mobile apps that lets you share your listening to in real-time. If you want to listen to a song on your device on your music player or play it on Spotify, the app will add the song to your profile.

Plus, you can follow other listeners, and you can view their playlist, which allows you to discover new music quickly. Tap on the song, and it will be downloaded on your profile. You can also create a playlist of your favorite songs and play it on repeat, shuffle, and more.


Shazam has become one of the fastest-growing music apps. Shazam listens to a song playing in the background, it could be anywhere, in the shopping mall, on a TV, and more it will tell you the name of the song and the artist who made it.

It will then take you to a third-party app like amazon music, youtube music, Spotify, and more where you can buy or listen to that song. You can also see in which part of the world the song is played the most.

Band of the Day

This app is quite famous on the iPhones, and it got the pole position in Apple’s 2011 app of the year awards. But the app lost to a social media giant, Instagram.

The app is available to Android users as well. The app suggests new artists each day, handpicked by the folks at Band of the Day. The calendar-style grid allows you to go back in time and listen to ad-free songs from each artist, which perusing videos, biographies, and more.

All the music is streamed directly from the servers of 955 Dreams, and the company works with different musicians and labels to secure the right to stream full length and ad-free music.

Indie Shuffle

The app taps into the API of one of the most famous music app SoundCloud to provide an ad-free playlist of songs based on your taste and preferences. So, you can launch a playlist in any genre or browse popular music. You can also check the latest recommendations.

The app also has a review written for each song by one of their staff writers.

In addition to viewing, you can browse the music by genre or save your favorite music.


It is one of the most intriguing music-discovery app out there, which makes finding your favorite music virtually rewarding, as the music listening experience.

The app is all about finding new music, bands, artists, and genres. Forget the lists and searching for new music; sonar flow is all about swiping as the app throws suggestions at you.

When going into discovery mode, all will recommend artists and songs based on the music you have stored on your device. If you listen to pop music, the app will suggest pop music from a different artist or recommend similar songs from another genre.


Rormix finds music from unsigned artists according to your preferences. For example, if you search for rock music, it will find an artist with a similar sound that matches your preferences. The people at Remix handpick the list of the artist. They are planning to incentivize users by offering tickets and merchandise.


This is the most famous music search app in the world. You can find this app on any smart device, including your smart TV. This allows you to search for all the latest music according to genres, mood, and your recent listening activity. The app offers both paid and free options. With the free option, you do have to listen to ads after 2-3 songs. But with the paid version, there are no ads, which means you can enjoy music without interruption.

The app also stores all the music you listen to recently and allows you to create a playlist of your favorite songs. You can easily play music on repeat or shuffle.

Searching for new music has never been so easy. You can find any song in just a couple of clicks. So, install these apps if you are having trouble finding your next favorite song.