Normally people think low budget laptops are the best option for students, especially when they are not earned. 

But spending little extra money can help to add features and functionalities in your device.

In 2020 attending college and university means a laptop is a necessary tool to proceed with advanced studies.

You are here to get information from the best laptop guides 2020. Here you will learn which laptop is better for students according to requirements and best time management apps for students. In COVID-19, students need to attend online classes, so have a look at different valuable laptops deals and discounts.

Whether you are studying at university or from home, this user guide will help you choose the best laptops.

1.     Google Pixelbook Go

This is an amazing machine that is also budget-friendly with an outstanding quality of battery and smooth keys.

Google pixelbook go a premium quality machine, achieved an award in Chromebook nominations. This laptop has different mentionable features maximum battery life, student's favorite best resolution webcam, and the perfect look.

Most importantly, the price of the laptop is according to the student's pocket.

2.     HP Chromebook 14

This machine is also one of the top best tiny laptops best thing is the up-gradation over the AMD model and contains a very decent track pad.

People like to buy due to its perfect white design. It offers a 1080p display that is beyond the dream at this price.

Keep in mind Chromebook 14 is overall good but not powerful as other models of Chromebook. Still, some features make it more preferable for students like portability, wide display, and affordable price.

3.     Dell XPS 15 (2020)

Normally students feel Dell XPS is a bit expensive, but people who belong to graphic design know its worth.

If you want to create film or graphic illustrations, this system will help you to support heavy software.

Also, provide nice speakers with high sound quality and comfortable buttons on the keypad.

4.     APPLE MACBOOK AIR (2020)

Apple mac book is the best choice for students; this is lightweight and easy to carry. It has all specs which help to support all students' tasks and activities. In 2020 it provides 16GB RAM and enough internal storage to enjoy study assignments without interruption.

Most important is the price is not that high it is just below 1000$

In the upcoming years, Apple mac book air will become the most demanding machine for students.

5.     HP ENVY X360

People these days are more concerned about brands. If you want to keep HP, then Envy360 has no comparison.

This laptop has a decent look at affordable prices. This laptop is used in light tasks like content writing assignments, budget sheets, and many more text related things.

How to select the best student laptop for you

The selection of the best laptop for students is not an easy task, so keep an eye on your study requirements before buying any machine.

These days we need to work extensive tasks on laptops. If you want to become a graphic designer, then you must choose a laptop with a good graphic card.

On the other hand, you need to run some Microsoft apps, HD quality video lectures.

Most importantly, the laptop should be smart and handy to carry easily in university or college.  

Price is the most crucial factor which can make or break the purchasing plan.

Keep an eye on the laptop's warranty normally, and every laptop company offered one year warranty.

Bottom line

College and university time is full of tensions. We need to manage college fees, textbooks, notes, tuition, etc. in this situation, selecting the right laptop is very difficult and challenging.

Keep all tips in your mind to get the machine according to your requirement.