When you want to keep a tab on a phone, a Keylogger is a critical tool you need. It’s an integral component of tracking software that makes your monitoring very effective.

What is a Keylogger by the way? A Keylogger is an advanced feature that stores keystrokes on a target device.

When you use a reliable spy app, the Keylogger feature comes with it. For every keystroke used on the target device, Keylogger logs it in an organized manner.

This means when your target types their password on any app, you can see it from your dashboard. So, which is the best free iPhone Keylogger?

Part 1: Spyier - The Best Free iPhone Keylogger of All-Times

Part 1: Spyier

When you’re looking for the best free iPhone Keylogger in a spy app, Spyier is the top choice. In terms of functionality and features, this software is the best option to have. Many people are skeptical of spying an iPhone because of the safety features of the device.

This is because most spy apps require that you jailbreak the device. By jailbreaking, you’ll be tampering with the safety features of the device.

With this, you make the device vulnerable and you can compromise its warranty. Jailbreaking is also not for a novice. You need technical experience to achieve it.

When you use the Spyier app, you don’t have to stress about all these. This is because you don’t need to jailbreak your target device.

Spyier doesn’t even require that you touch the target iPhone. The setup and activation of the software on the target device are done remotely.

Before going ahead with the detailed reviews of the Spyier app, let’s look at reasons why people spy on phones.

Top Reasons why People use Keylogger to Spy on Other’s iPhone

People have different reasons why they spy on other’s phones. Although some people believe it’s not ethical if you have reasons to spy, you’ll understand why people do it. Let’s look at some common reasons why people spy on other’s iPhones.

To Keep a Tab on their Children

If your child is old enough to use an internet-enabled phone, keeping a tab on their online activities is necessary.

Children are vulnerable and they can get into situations that can jeopardize their safety. There are depraved individuals online looking to prey on innocent children.

The contents they are exposed to are also beyond your control online. Since there are no parental control features online, you have to take steps to monitor your kid’s online activities.

Using a spy app with a Keylogger gives you the perfect tool to keep a tab on your child. You can see everything they do online.

With the Keylogger, you can log in to their social apps directly and block people you suspect have bad intentions. You can also block some websites using the data from the Keylogger.

To catch a cheating Spouse

If your spouse is cheating, it’s not likely that they will leave telltale signs around for you to see. This is why many people get devastated when they find out that their loving husband has been cheating on them.

With a spy app, you don’t have to wait until it gets out of hand to know that your spouse is cheating.

With Spyier, you can monitor the activities of your spouse. You can see everything they do on their phone both online and offline.

The Keylogger lets you have access to their username and password on a variety of platforms. With this, you can log in to their apps to see their activities.

Keep a Tab on your Employee

Productivity is very critical for a business to thrive. How productive your employees are during work hours will significantly impact your bottom line. So, how do you ensure that your staff members are doing what they are meant to do during work hours?

The only way to know what they’re up to is to spy on their phone. If they’re spending hours on social media instead of working, Spyier will let you see everything. In case they’re running a personal errand during work hours, you can see their real-time location through the app.

This gives you complete control over the activities of your employees during work hours. You can know those working and those that are wasting the company’s resources. There’s no doubt, no Keylogger for iPhone like Spyier out there.

Part 2: How Spyier Keylogger helps you to spy an iPhone

If you have reasons to spy an iPhone, using the Spyier Keylogger is your best option. It gives absolute access to your target iPhone and lets you see every activity on the device. Here are some data you can access using the Keylogger feature in Spyier:

Social Media Spy

The Spyier Keylogger gives access to the usernames and passwords on the different social media accounts on your target phone.

This means you can access the social media accounts of your target remotely. Social media you’ll have access to include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

Call Log Spy

Do you want to know who your target is talking to? You’ll find the details from your Spyier dashboard. You see the details of the target’s contact remotely. These include frequently contacted contacts, caller ID, profile photo, call frequency, call duration, and timestamps.

Text Messages Spy

Text Messages Spy

Spyier also lets you see the received, sent, deleted, and drafted text messages on your target device. You’ll see the details of the text, including the sender and the timestamps. With this, you get to know who your target is sharing text messages with.

Location Spy

You can also know the real-time location of your target. Spyier lets you see this from your dashboard. It transmits the GPS location data from the target iPhone to your dashboard.

You can see this from any web browser on your computer or phone. You can also set geofencing for the target device.

More Features, More Access

More Features

Spyier has over 35 features and ones enumerated above are a few of them. When you sign up with Spyier, you can explore all these features as you spy remotely on your target iPhone.

With this app, you can see the calendar events, media, web browser history, and more on your target device.

Part 3: How to use the Spyier Keylogger to Spy a Target iPhone

Using the Spyier Keylogger is very easy. You don’t need any experience or a long instruction list to activate the software.

You don’t even need to have physical access to the device. From activation to monitoring, everything is done remotely. Follow these easy steps to activate the Spyier Keylogger:

Step One: Visit the official Spyier website to sign up for a free account.

Step Two: Choose iOS as the device type to monitor and select a subscription plan.

Step Three: For the on-screen prompting to complete the activation process. To do this, you need to have the iCloud username and password of the target iPhone. 

The Spyier software works with the iCloud backup of the target device. The app is safe and secure, so you have nothing to worry about. When you’ve completed the activation process, log in to your Spyier dashboard, and navigate to the left-hand side of your control panel.

From here you’ll find the Keylogger menu. Click it to open and check the data you want. Spyier Keylogger offers real-time data from the target iPhone.


There you have it! You can visit the official Spyier website to preview the live demo version of the software.