An Apple iPhone is a serious piece of tech not only because of the price tag but also for its usages. Any drops and scratches can cause it to work in a less than ideal way. When it comes to protecting your phone, the two most commonly preferred accessories are often the phone cases and screen protectors.

Well, what about the most awaited Apple iPhone 12 that is about to hit the market probably by the end of September or a few weeks into October? Are you interested in Apple iPhone 12 and wondering whether you would need a screen protector for Apple iPhone 12? As far as we know, the answer is a simple yes.

The touchscreen is the most important component of an Apple iPhone and is probably the most prone to damage as well. In fact, the most common issue people reported about iPhones is a scratched or broken screen. To prevent the damages, a tempered glass screen protector for Apple iPhone is a must. We highly recommend picking up a screen protector for providing additional protection.

Now there are various kinds of screen protectors in the market ranging from super-slim ones to one with heavy-duty features, plastic films and tempered glass. However, choosing a high quality-screen protector for iPhones is a critical task.

Here’s why you should consider using a screen protector for Apple iPhone 12.

But before we plunge into the topic, let us have a brief look at what’s upcoming in the Apple iPhone 12 lineups.

What to expect- the Apple iPhone 12 series

As per various sources, the Apple iPhone 12 will be launched by September or may delay until October in 2020. It would be the first Apple iPhone in 2020 to feature 5G connectivity. It comes with a multitude of amazing features like a 64MP main camera, a 3D triple-lens camera and the addition of LiDAR scanner. It comes preloaded with iOS 14, the latest version of its iOS operating system.

We can expect the launch of four models Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Max, Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with screen sizes of 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches respectively. As for the Apple iPhone 12 colors, the color navy blue is expected on its top-end models. The screens may most probably be built on OLED display technology. The rumored suggest the design to be more curved at the edges that would be suitable for 2. 5D temporary glass.

So, here's why you should consider erring on the side of caution and getting a screen protector.

Protect your Apple iPhone 12 from scratches.

You might keep your Apple iPhone 12 in pocket or purse. It is prone to scratches and damage from everyday objects such as keys or coins in bags. No one is immune to dropping their phones. Accidents do happen and besides, the Apple iPhone 12 is not indestructible. Also, the phone can get damaged when it is dropped, even if it is one from the Apple iPhone 12 series. If you drop your Apple iPhone without protection and end up shattering your screen, just remember that the repair is costly.

Reducing glare on Apple iPhone 12

Glare can be an obnoxious issue if you are using your Apple iPhone 12 outdoors or in the Sun. The way light reflects off your screen can also be altered by screen protectors. Some screen protectors can also enhance the ability to see images clearly while you are outdoors, thus and making things easier on the eyes.

A right screen guard plays a vital role in stopping glare on your Apple iPhone 12 screen. Light-cancelling technology plays a crucial role and enhances optimal user performance. Users can read comfortably, quickly, and clearly. An anti-reflective screen protector filters out reflected glare and UVB rays thus reducing the glare.

Helps Prevent Finger Sticking

A good screen protector lets your finger slide across the screen without smudging or sticking. Imagine playing your favorite game and you are struggling with the controls of a game; super annoying right? A good screen guard prevents the finger sticking and thus enhances the user and gaming experience. A good quality screen protector matters a lot in terms of screen usage.

Screen Protection Reduces Smudges and Fingerprints

An Apple iPhone user is most likely to be using the phone throughout the whole day. This means constant touching on the screen of Apple iPhone which can leave oily fingerprint smudges.

It’s very difficult to wash these off. A screen protector with an oleophobic coating helps a lot in repelling skin oils. These feature an oleophobic coating, which helps a lot in repelling skin oils. Oleophobic layers not only repel water but also skin oils, resist smudge and fingerprint attachment, making your screen much easier to clean. Thus, they make screen prints almost invisible from any angle. With this type of screen protector, you can keep the screen of your Apple iPhone 12 brand new and clean at all times.

This feature enhances the usability of the phone. The hydrophobic surface layer causes water to bead up rather than stick to the screen.

It will ensure you keep those pesky fingerprints and smudges away. Moreover, screen protection offers additional layers of protection that are vital to preserving the life and resell value of all your iPhone.


There is a range of Apple iPhone screen protectors that can be antibacterial. This type of protector features a unique coating that plays a crucial role in preventing mildew, bacteria, and mold. The molds and bacteria are responsible for stains on the iPhone. Now more than ever this kind of feature is great to see.

Resistance to Shatter

Nobody hates seeing their screen shattered to pieces more than me. A sturdy tempered glass screen protector can be the best screen protection you can provide. By taking the blow to protect your Apple iPhone 12 screen your screen protector saves your wallet and gives you peace of mind.

Now, these were the advantages of using tempered glass. When it comes to protecting precious Apple iPhone 12, you must choose a high-quality screen protector for Apple iPhone 12.

A leading company Swiss Armour has developed a premium quality tempered glass iPhone 12 screen protector using the best quality materials. This screen protector for Apple iPhone 12 is highly durable and scratch-resistant, with a surface hardness rating of 9H. It also offers 3D and curved edge protection to the iPhone.

The glass material used is the scratch-resistant Asahi Glass, made by the largest glass manufacturing company in the world. To ensure perfect bonding between your smartphone screen and glass, Toyo Glue, a product of leading chemical company TOYOCHEM is used.

The company has designed the tempered glass for the Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Plus, Apple iPhone 12 Pro, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max models with curved 2.5 D glass designs. It is available in 5.4", 6.7", and 6.1" sizes for the respective models. The major highlights of the screen protector are the exclusive PerfectAlign™ technology that ensures perfect centering and easy installation of the glass over the Apple iPhone screen. The PerfectAlign™ technology comes with a tray and a 3M glue sticker that just sticks the glass peel! All you have to do is simply place the tray over the phone, press the centre, peel off the sticker and remove the tray! The tempered glass would be perfectly aligned without any air bubbles or misalignment.

Final Verdict

Apple’s display glass has indeed been tougher than ever, yet cases and screen protectors are highly preferred and recommended products. If you do not want to end up with scratches or even shattering or your Apple iPhone 12, it is best to choose a screen protector for Apple iPhone 12. They go a long way towards keeping your device safe from scratches and drops.