Regular health check-ups help you detect any grievous illnesses you could be suffering.

The initial symptoms of the silent, killer disease Diabetes are a simple blood test done to check sugar levels in the blood. Indication of high sugar levels pronounces you to be a diabetic. The raised sugar content in your body sends alarming signals to your brain of serious consequences if the precautionary measure like home medical supplies online is not taken to confine the disease in its early stages.

Why might this matter?

Prediabetes is the initial stage or an emerging hint of a potentially dangerous disease that kills slowly and subtly. If warning signs are not heeded but taken for granted it could lead to slow, suffering, fatal diseases and ultimately lead to an untimely death. Ideal correction in diet and addition of physical activity in a sluggish lifestyle will put a check to the sudden advances of the type 2 disease.

A silver lining- Steps to combat the disease

Patients showing early signs of diabetes have cheerful news. Choose a simple diet of natural, fiber-rich food grains and avoid processed, tinned, or packed food-products. Avoid consuming high carbohydrate foods but include protein and vitamin-rich healthy products in your diet. Refined flour is unhealthy and contains high levels of carbs, poor nutrition, and accelerates sugar levels abnormally. Consume fewer foods cooked in large amounts of fat to maintain an ideal weight. Boost weight reduction by following a balanced diet and including healthy or nature walks in your daily routine. An exemplary life involves a balanced diet, use of home medical supplies online and a suitable physical activity. Early warnings remain unnoticed as the body is doomed to suffer from heart ailments, reduced vision, harmful nerve damage, and many other health conditions.

Check for signs if you are ailing from a high glucose level.

Briefly answer the questions to judge early signs of prediabetes:
  1. Are you desirous for food and eatables unusually?
  2. Are you losing weight, having a healthy appetite?
  3. Are you excessively thirsty?
  4. Do you have the urge to urinate frequently?
  5. Do you feel exhausted?
If you have answered most of the questions in the affirmative you are likely to be suffering from high sugar levels and an indication of being prediabetic.

Recognizing Prediabetes: Causes and risk factors

The pancreatic gland in the human system is unable to produce ample insulin to convert excessive glucose into energy for use by the body. The reduced function of the pancreas leads to raised levels of acids and slow breakdown of glucose into fats that are stored by the liver or muscles. Sugar levels are high in the bloodstream threatening the life of the person the body is said to be insulin resistant.

On-going research is unable to pinpoint accurately why insulin levels are hampered in certain persons.

A few basic truths about diabetes to prevent it.
  1. Insufficient physical exercise- Active lifestyles are days of the past. Lethargic Way of living is rampant leading to an increase in diabetic patients. Obese and heavy-weight persons are on the rise increasing the risk of being diabetic.
  2. Genetic factor- Members of the family suffering from the disease, future generations are likely to be affected by it unless they are careful and practice healthy living.
  3. Race factor- Particular races indicate an increased risk of being diabetic such as Afro-Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, etc.
  4. Age factor- Likely chances of exhibiting signs of a diabetic from middle age to the age of 65years.
  5. Diabetes during pregnancy- Greater risk of being diabetic due to pregnancy.
  6. 6. Other related illnesses- Ailing from high blood pressure and high levels of bad cholesterol induces the risk of diabetes.
  7. Ailing from Polycystic ovary syndrome- The disease caused by reduced levels of insulin can trigger the risk of being prediabetic.
  8. Patient of hypothyroidism- Increased risk of insulin resistance easily leads to diabetes.

Recommendations for better living to avoid Prediabetes.

  • i) Consult a dietician - Lean, small meals, reduced sugar content, high fiber diet suits patients showing signs of prediabetes. An evenly distributed and satisfactory nutritive diet will guide the person to decrease the risk of being diabetic. The diet should keep an account of the likes and dislikes of the individual for a successful outcome.
  • ii) Increased level of physical fitness- To encourage normal insulin production, you need to indulge in excessive levels of physical fitness to normalize insulin resistance. The curative powers to heal the disease lies in the individual to improve it by changing the listless way of life to an active one.

Physical activity increases weight-loss, improves sleep, and overall behaviour.

Sound advice to prevent Diabetes

  • a) People who are engaged in 2 1\2 hours of regular exercise every week are least likely to suffer from the dreaded disease. Simple activities like a walk or a short swim or a quick bicycle ride will make a large difference in keeping the sickness at bay.
  • b) Reduced weight- Maintaining average body weight is the ideal method to stay away from the dangers of the disease. A decrease of 5-10% of body fat reduces the likeliness to suffer from the killer disease. Reduction along with maintenance of unwanted weight is the secret to a successful life free from diabetes.
The American Diabetes Association recommends the optimum use of metformin for reduction of the glucose production by the liver. A continuous check of one's health and using home medical supplies online are sure and safe ways to keep away from deadly diseases.