Online Estimation Tools
As a contractor, one of the crucial things to consider is the quotations you give to your clients. I know how confusing it may be at first, especially when it’s your first time giving estimates! After all, you wouldn’t want to overcharge, but at the same time, you’d like to get your money’s worth.

With that in mind, how can you provide a good estimation, specifically for sliding gate installation or temporary fencing rentals?

That’s where contract project managers can take advantage of online estimation tools. But what are these online estimation tools and project management software that makes things easier for contractors?

Read on to learn more!

Considering Temporary Fencing Rentals

When it comes to renting a temporary fence, the estimate varies, depending on the following:
  • Look into the type of temporary fence you need for the event or project. The price would vary, depending on the type you choose. There is barricade fencing, panel fencing, orange safety fencing, and many more!
  • The measurements are also an important factor to consider. When you measure the area, calculate it twice, and have it verified by a colleague for an accurate number. You may need to estimate for a slightly bigger measurement for some leeway.
  • Next up, make sure that you follow all rules and regulations within your city or county. Follow all local guidelines and see if you need a permit, which may increase your estimate, as needed.
  • If you’re thinking about the costs, contractors would usually quote for as low as $70 up to $1,000 or higher, depending on the company, type of fencing, and materials used, as well as how much of the fencing is required. This is why estimating and measuring the area is crucial before quotation and installation for the project.
When you have these three in mind, you can have a rough estimate of what to quote your clients. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to get the exact estimate without it taking days and a lot of math or number crunching. But of course, if you want a more exact costing and quotation, there are online estimation tools to help you with that!

What Is Construction Project Management?

Construction project management, or contractor project managers, refers to directing and coordinating both human and material resources throughout the project. You will be utilizing modern management techniques for achieving all goals for a successful result.

The management will handle all the planning, coordination, and execution of projects, regardless of what kind of construction it is. And of course, it takes care of cost management with the use of online estimation tools and software.

Construction project management can be done by humans, though it is now being done by software and tools for more accuracy and efficiency.

How Online Estimation Tools Work

Contractors and construction project managers would usually require hours, or even days, to estimate the amount of temporary fencing required for the site, as well as the costs incurred for it. Not only do they need time, but they also require the appropriate math skills as well.

Even with accurate site maps, you will still need to measure out the area yourself and calculate the fencing required and how much it would take. That’s why there are now estimation tools dedicated to temporary fencing, accurately estimating temporary fencing perimeters, already including other add-ons.

What’s great is that all you need is a computer and a few clicks of your mouse to get started and receive an accurate estimate!

Today, there are a few free online estimate tools that go beyond what you need, offering other different functions and features to make the process smoother. You can search online to use such tools, without the need for installation. All you need to have is stable internet and the appropriate information regarding the area you plan to fence.

Wrapping It Up

We know how difficult it can be when trying to get estimates on construction projects, especially with temporary fencing rentals. From the price down to the measurements you have to take, it’s a tedious task that takes more time, effort, and math skills to get done. But with free online estimating tools, you can cut the time and start focusing on other important aspects of the project without worrying about inaccuracy!

Hopefully, this article on online estimation tools gave you insight on how online estimation tools worked and how you can estimate temporary fence rentals. Now that you know what to do, try reputable tools for better management, and to send out estimates quicker.

Do you have questions or want to share insights on online estimation tools and contractor project management? Share it in the comments section below, we will answer and appreciate all thoughts and queries!