Omega, Cartier, and Rolex

The watchmaking world is a fascinating realm. It is being called a realm because that is what it really is. It is a vast domain that cannot be simply dumbed down into an industry. Numerous watches in this world constantly fight for the top spot. But alas, only a few can actually claim that position. And I said ‘a few’ because crowning one single watch would be impossible. This blog intends to let you in this intriguing domain and introduce you to some of the best timepieces from some of the best brands.

Omega Speedmaster

If we were to consider the best watch brand in the past century, it would be a hard choice indeed. Well, a massive amount of people would flock to the Rolexes and it would be natural too. But there will be those who would prefer an Omega over others. These people are the ones who truly understand what watchmaking is all about. Breitling Navitimer is also very demandable watches in men’s.

When it comes to watches, a particular watch from Omega shines a little too bright. This is the Speedmaster, a watch that wrote history with its hands when it landed on the moon in 1969. The watch has achieved an awful lot in its lifetime and there is surely more to come. The Omega Speedmaster of today is very much like its ancestor with all the staple features and attributes.

Cartier Santos

Cartier is probably the only watch brand that became a full-fledged watchmaker by chance. The horologist is one of the most renowned ones in today’s market but did you know that it all started with a peculiar request from a certain inventor and aviator, Alberto Santos Dumont. The person referred to here was a popular entity in Europe as well as Brazil and was also a good friend of Louis Cartier, who was heading the operations of the Cartier franchise in France.

The Cartier brand is what it is today because of the spontaneity that Louis Cartier showed back in 1904. He created a wristwatch for his dear friend Alberto Dumont because he needed a watch that would be strapped to his wrist so that he need not bother getting it out of his pockets whenever he wanted to look at the time. It was crucial too because he was on his way to becoming the first man to make flight.

As a result, the Cartier Santos Dumont watch was created. This was the first men’s wristwatch as well as the first unofficial pilots’ watch. Today, the Santos is not just an integral part of the Cartier catalogue but also of the entire watchmaking industry.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is very popular. It rise to fame actually began in the 1970s. The most popular of the Daytona watches are the Paul Newman editions. These timepieces actually never got famous because of the features that they offered but instead because of the change in trends and styles. In fact, it is well known that the Daytona was never a popular watch during the time it was released. It was famous among motorists and race car drivers but it was never a hot topic among watch enthusiasts. That is, until the 21st century.

Today, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is one of the most sought after watches in the whole world. In fact, it is a watch that you would be lucky to get your hands on even if you have all the money in the world. It would take at least three years before you get your hands on a Rolex Daytona and even that is not fully guaranteed. You can also check out best collection in others brand also like as Hublot, Panerai, Longines, Rado, TAG Heuer, Tissot & IWC.