Located in the Southern Caribbean, Aruba is a 179 sq km island with some of the best beaches in the world. Aruba, which is also known as the "One Happy Island," is a constituent country that is part of the Kingdom of Netherland. This tropical island has ideal conditions for all watersports, a variety of entertainment options, highly developed tourism, and one of the highest living standards in the region. 

In terms of real estate, Aruba can offer everything from lavish luxury villas to affordable beachfront condominiums. 

So, if you are a foreigner interested in buying a property in Aruba, then you are in the right place.

Buying Process in Aruba

First of all, being a foreign property buyer is treated the same as if domestic property buyers. There are no legal or other restrictions, and foreign buyers, the same as domestic buyers, can either lease land or freehold property land owned by the Aruba government. If the property has been leased, the owner needs to pay an annual lease fee for lease rights.

The property buying process is not a complicated one, which in most cases includes these steps:


·         Searching for a suitable property

·         Finding a suitable property and making an offer

·         Signing purchase agreement and paying a 10% deposit to a Notary

·         Within six weeks, the Notary is obligated to contact you to sign the deed and complete the payment.

·         Take care of all the taxes.

In terms of fees, know that the Notary fees amount to 2% of the overall purchase price. The transfer tax can cost as much as 6% of the buying price, whereas the annual property tax is around 0.4%.

Mortgages in Aruba

Most local banks are open to giving mortgages to non-residents. However, each bank has its terms and conditions that need to be met so that you can get a loan with them. Some of the common documents asked by local banks in Aruba include proof of income, valid identification, employment letter, etc.


Furthermore, the bank can ask for an appraisal report, a copy of the sales agreement, etc. Their goal here is to evaluate their exposure. Typically, if your mortgage gets approved, the bank will charge the client a closing fee, which is 1% of the mortgage. The closing fee comes on top of the other fees mentioned earlier.

Residence and Visitors in Aruba

If you are there with a tourist visa, you can stay in Aruba for as long as three months per year. Visitors from the EU, Canada, USA, Australia, and several South American countries can stay in Aruba for as long as three months per year as well, just that they don’t need any visa.  


But if you want to stay longer than that, you need to make inquiries with the Department of Immigration (DIMAS). They have all the information on everything you need to stay in Aruba for more extended periods.  

In Conclusion

Aside from the fact that it is truly a fantastic island with flourishing tourism, Aruba is currently undergoing a $1 billion worth beautification and revitalization that also includes the modernization of its international airport. That’s a pretty strong hint that now is the time to invest in real estate in Aruba.