The current pandemic situation has resulted in everyone spending more time indoors and hence couples have also changed their usual activities to cater to a more indoor environment.

There are numerous indoor activities that couples can do to bond and foster their relationships. Below are some activities that they can consider. If one is thinking of getting something for a couple during the current times, there is a list of his and her gifts that one can consider presenting to the couple to help them participate in the below indoor activities.

Plan a romantic dinner every weekend

Having meals at restaurants are discouraged due to this pandemic situation. But this should not deter couples from having a romantic dinner.

They can have the romantic dinner in the comfort of their home. It will be interesting for them to plan their dinner from scratch. Firstly, they can decorate their dining area and come up with a playlist to play at the background to create a romantic ambience. They can decorate their dining area in accordance with the theme of cuisine that they are having that night, for example Italian, French or Japanese.

Secondly, they can plan the menu for that night revolving around the theme of cuisine, from appetiser, to main and to dessert.

Lastly, to end the romantic dinner on a sweet note, they can buy a nice bottle of wine and pair it with cheese and snuggle up to watch a movie.

Create regular exercise sessions

Boosting one’s immunity is extremely critical during current times. Having a healthy diet and getting regular exercise are ways to boost one’s immunity. Therefore, couple can schedule regular exercise sessions and bond over these workouts.

There is a large variety of exercises to choose from and the couple can refer to YouTube clips to shortlist the clips that they will both enjoy. It is recommended that they vary the workouts so that they can ensure that they work out the different parts of their body and muscles. Varying workouts can also help them ensure that they are not bored with their exercise regime and will sustain this activity on a longer-term basis.

To create the couple feeling, they can consider wearing matching exercise outfits.


Decluttering is said to be bring in numerous benefits to the home and to one’s life. One of the benefits brought to the home is that the house is easier to clean after the house has less items.

Benefits brought to one’s life are numerous. Firstly, the couple will experience reduced spending because the couple will be more intentional with their buying. Secondly, they will feel less stress because decluttering means less things for them to manage. Thirdly, by being intentional with one’s buying, the couple will also become more intentional with other aspects of their life such as their relationships with others and career, which will improve the quality of their life. With all these benefits, the couple should include decluttering as one of their couple activities.

In order not to be overwhelmed by this activity, the couple should break down this activity down in few short sessions. When they are sorting out and assessing if they should throw away the items, they can use the chance to reminisce these items, recounting how they got these items and bring back some fond memories.

With the above list of interesting indoor couple activities, the couple need not spend the whole day at home watching Netflix or lament that they have nothing to do at home.