Transform the Look & Feel

Before we begin with the exciting part, it is about time that we accept how decorating our own homes can either be an inspiring thing or a complete nightmare - depending upon many factors, of course. As one such aspect includes “ideas” therefore if anyone doesn’t have plenty of them then the whole job of interior design has “trouble” written all over it for you. But we are here to help you in that matter with something different which probably would also suit your personality.

So, by now, if you are wondering what that one thing that can make you design your interior like a pro is, we will talk about wall murals below.

Both have clearly started to dominate the modern interior design, artistic paintings or wall murals. This is because murals provide an excellent chance to add spice to your interior and make a design statement. But furthermore, we have also listed several reasons you should go for wall murals in 2022

They set up a particular atmosphere.

certain atmosphere

The creative paintings can also extend the living spaces and bring a more invigorating experience. With decorative painting, you can even transform a dull looking room into a piece of art. In fact, sometimes, if you are creative enough, you can even bring the most gorgeous landscape and garden views right to the walls of your rooms as well. Together, the custom walls can also speak volumes about your personality and boost the environment of living rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. 

Create an Optical Illusion

Have you ever been fascinated by the dreamy world pictures? If the answer is yes, you can bring similar views to your rooms in Washington DC right with the help of wall murals. Gone are those days when interior design only depended on single-wall paint colours. It’s now the era of wall murals to give your room the expression you desire. So, whether you want to fill your child’s room with his favourite fantasy world creatures or envision a seascape, wall murals can make that a reality for you and stretch the limits of your interior design to the point that it will exceed your imagination. 

It Will Enrich the Room’s Color Palette

The best thing about wall murals is that they can go well with any design, be it classic or contemporary. Moreover, continuing with the benefits, you can also integrate your wall murals with multiple wall paint colours inside the house to make the aesthetics even more pleasing. Hence, by doing so, you will also have the freedom to choose various hues and then best complement the overall theme of your room with that.

You can also take help from modern paint colours, different shades and classic techniques and blend them together to create other visual effects which will add more glow to the existing wall murals. 

It Brings in The Energy You Need Inside the House

There is no doubt that custom wall murals are always one of a kind, and while some may argue that people easily duplicate them, we bet no two wall murals would ever hold the same features. If you want to bring harmony to your interior designing project or create a colourful and unique room decor, don’t go for any other option than wall murals. You can also add depth and a feeling of richness to your interior design, ensuring that you have invested your money in the right thing. 

It is Perfect for Bold Patterns

Once you become bored of the repetitiveness of wallpapers, wall murals can serve to remain bespoke for you - irrespective of any size of the room. You can always have 1000s of patterns to choose from, and therefore when you want to be experimental, wall murals can allow you to tweak just the way you like. 

Make Your Room Perfect For Instagram Feed

Let’s be honest, in this day and age, we all care about making our homes perfect for Instagram shots. So, as murals, wallpaper is bound to run wild on the wall. Therefore murals can be your best bet when you choose bold and vivid shapes to make every room of your home Instagram perfect. We bet you will have 1000s of likes with this one.

But wait, there is one more problem. While we have listed down all the potential benefits of wall murals, it also comes down to the company that installs them and makes your house look extraordinary. In fact, if you were to take our honest suggestion, then many homeowners, despite choosing the most perfect design, end up making a mistake on that.

So, to further guide you on how you can choose the right murals team, here are a few things you must keep in mind.


You should not go for any such company that is not experienced in installing wall murals just as you would like. People often fall into the trap of affordability and deal with an inexperienced expert, but compromising on quality will only cost you more. 


Today, social media can give you a fair idea of how good the quality of service is of any particular mural installation company in Washington DC. Therefore, it is your job to look out for past customers' opinions about the company in advance by going through all the reviews available on social media outlets or review sites like yelp. 


People often find this irrelevant in the case of wall murals, but the honest truth is you should never choose any company that does not hold the license or insurance plans to serve you. So, checking certifications is mandatory to keep yourself covered financially and quality-wise.

Now that you know all the details, we hope you will transform your home into an amazing one.