Looking for the ways to watch free NFL streaming? Perhaps, you want to watch the NFL game, but don’t have the opportunity to go to the stadium.

Whether you go to the stadium or not, you can watch the NFL live on the internet. There are numerous options to watch the free NFL games and news without cable Television.

Unfortunately, not all the ways are affordable to the viewers because of the extensive subscription fee. That's why people always look for alternatives to watch free NFL streaming?

In our article, we’ll disclose those websites which offer free NFL streaming live. Let’s get started!

How to watch free NFL streaming?

When it comes to watching the NFL streaming on the internet, you'll find most of the websites include subscription fees. If you want to watch free NFL streaming, you have to do comprehensive research.

To eliminate your effort and time behind the research, we have come with popular websites that offer free streaming. We have divided the websites into two types; official and unofficial. And here they go.

Official websites

NFL game pass

With the one-year free trial, the NFL is the league's official media, which is popular for broadcasting NFL games. You can watch free NFL streaming from the site for one year without any fees. Almost all the devices, such as Android, iOS, windows, etc. support this site.

NFL webcast

The NFL webcast provides lifetime free service despite being a legal website. But it doesn’t broadcast live NFL streaming. The site only links you with the free NFL streaming sites on free.


ESPN has made lots of fans throughout the world. Anyone who's enjoying the NFL stream live on the stadium can share it on the website. As a consequence, you can enjoy live streaming without being present at the stadium.

Yahoo Sports app

Have you subscribed to yahoo apps? If no, then do it today for free. It broadcasts the live NFL stream from your local TV channel. So, you can enjoy NFL streaming without spending money.

The NFL mobile app

Throughout the whole NFL game season, the NFL mobile app offers you live streaming. The application is supported on almost all the devices, including your smartphone, tablet, and iOS.

Possibly, that's why it's one of the reputed and most popular websites for streaming NFL.

Verizon wireless

Verizon Wireless offers the national football game live, which is presented on the television channels. Nevertheless, you cannot use the application in your windows or tablets. Only smartphones support the application and offer live the NFL streaming.

Fox sports

Regardless of the NFL news and games, the fox sports also offer versatile, high-quality videos on their websites. If you subscribe to the website, you really will enjoy your moment.

Amazon prime

Amazon prime broadcasts the Thursday night football video through the NFL networks. It doesn't take any subscription fee or information on your credit card. You can enjoy the high-quality video through the amazon prime from your smartphone.

NBC sports

If you want to watch your favorite NFL game, the NBC sport is another free and reliable site to use. It's a completely free website that only needs to register for enjoying the game. All of the video quality of the sites is really good.

You’ll get the feel of watching the NFL game on the stadium when watching them on the NBC sports.


Despite being a good website, the significant limitations of locust.org, it's available only in some countries of America. Still, we have kept the website in your article. That's because it broadcasts popular websites on free, which shows live NFL news and games.

It facilitates high-quality videos, even though, doesn't ask for money or any type of fee.

Unofficial websites


Regardless of football, Batmanstream offers endless sports coverage throughout the world. Consequently, it gets a good number of visitors who only come to watch the game on the site.

When facing any problem, you can communicate with the owner of the site. No matter which games you want to see, you can get it swiftly by searching in the search bar.


Another free NFL streaming unofficial website is the Streamfl.Net. With the lucrative design and amazing color combination, it brings a good number of views.

Besides the live NFL streaming, the site provides updated information and a time table about the sports. So, you can keep Sreamfl.net in your choice list when official websites aren’t supported in your region.

The sum up!

Hopefully, now you must know, it's not that costly to enjoy your favorite NFL game on the internet. There are countless official and unofficial sites which offer the NFL streaming without any subscription fee.

Therefore, don't get tensed about missing your favorite NFL games if you lack money or time. With our query above, you can enjoy the free NFL streaming spontaneously.