New Puppy

You certainly want to get a new puppy. You also want him to be healthy, happy, faithful, calm, and obedient. Well, that may not be easy if you just got the puppy. However, it will depend on his dog trainer and if he trains the pet properly.

The training will ensure your pet will not roar, get into fights with other dogs, or have aggressive behaviour. Mentioned in this article are the basic steps to make your new pet, if you get a new puppy, in control.

Must understand the words you speak

If you have a new pet, you will need to make him understand the words that you speak. Dog language is totally different from what you say. Let him remember the words that trigger a specific action.

For instance, when your pet hears you say “bad dog,” he will realize that he has done something wrong and will receive mild punishment. If he hears the keyword once again, he will not approach you anymore.

If you get a new puppy, let him remember the following words to train him:
  • Sit –let your pet sit
  • Stay –let your dog stay
  • Down –let him lie down
  • No –let the dog respond if you want to save him from trouble

Must be a willing and obedient companion

Your dog needs to be trained to become an obedient and willing companion. You need to understand that dogs are pack animals by nature, and they must have someone instructing them on their next moves. How you can achieve it is to act as the leader of the dog, so he will understand and listen to your commands.

You need to remember that you have to be a dominant leader in the pack. A properly trained dog will respond to his leader’s command. He minimizes the feelings of confusion, anxiety, and displeasure. A great puppy training program will focus on making the dog learn what is expected and will implement positive reinforcement strategies to reward the dog’s behaviour.

Have playtime in training sessions

If you want to get a new puppy, ensure he is enrolled in a training session that includes playtime. Such activity will keep your new pet going, so they don’t get bored in the training session. So, whenever you have plans of buying a new puppy or some dogs for sale, ensure you follow these tips, so you can easily train your new family member.