RUSVPN experts share valuable tips and recommendations on maintaining your safety and privacy when using Android devices.

More recently, Android-based mobile gadgets were criticized for lacking user protection. So, word got out that the Lebanese Security Agency is introducing fake applications into the devices menu to spy on journalists, military, and activists in various countries.

It was also reported that 75 percent of all gadgets with a green robot fix bugs in the security system for at least 60 days, which seriously threatens user privacy.

If you own an Android smartphone, you can protect yourself and the entire system. To increase the security of your device, it is enough to follow the 4 main tips from RUSVPN.

Avoid downloading unofficial or fake apps.

Most often, malicious programs are hidden in phishing messages. Some Google Play apps have trackers selling user data to advertisers. But this is less dangerous than the work of a fake app that infiltrates your device through the Lebanese Security Agency. To date, target "Androids" are already operating in 21 countries, and their owners are not even aware of it. The government hacker group's actions aim to ensure that all data about messages, browsing history, incoming and outgoing calls, geodata, and photos are combined. The targets are tracked by downloading a fake application - it can be sent through Whatsapp, Signal messengers, and even though the social network Facebook.

Create robust passwords

A lot depends on how strong your password is. According to statistics, 80 percent of Internet users apply the same password to several accounts. It is enough for a hacker to crack one code to unlock all devices simultaneously - both computer and mobile. Thus, he gets access to confidential information, such as bank cards and emails.

If you do not know how to create complex passwords, use a particular manager. This program generates and stores all the security codes for your profiles.

Update the system and fix security errors.

Pay attention to the updates you get to your device, especially the system ones. Recently, in Android gadgets, a processor vulnerability was detected, which hackers can use for remote data capture. To keep yourself out of trouble, always accept the updates where bug fixes are already provided.

Install VPN

Even if everything is updated and only official applications are working, the risk of interception of your communications on the Internet is possible. Due to encrypting information and sending it to a secure communication channel, you don't have to worry about cyber threats. If you install a VPN for Android (, you get comprehensive protection for all devices.