Getting a renter-friendly soundproof thin wall is difficult unless you take the tapestry as a solution. Why use tapestry? That's because it makes your dull and gloomy wall attractive with its color and beautiful texture. 

However, if you've chosen the tapestry for decorating the wall, the first concern is how to hang it. Well, you’ll find endless ways for that. But hanging the wall tapestries without nail marks or scratches on the wall is a little tricky. 

No tension! Use the command strips to hang your tapestry any crack on the wall. But do you know how to hang a tapestry onto the wall with command strips? If you’re using the command strips for the first time, then it is the basic thing you’ll try to find. 

Here we have guided step by step how you can hang the tapestry by using command strips. 

Guidelines of hanging a tapestry with command strips

If you’re hanging your tapestry with the command strips, you need certain things to do. Here you go!

Step 1: Decide the exact place.

Firstly, decide where you want to hang your tapestry. The wall tapestries look fantastic on the large empty walls.

The wall of the bathroom or smaller spaces is also a good choice for hanging the tapestries. Wherever you set the tapestry, make sure the place is well-ventilated.  

Step 2: Clean the wall and mark it.

Before placing the tapestry, clean the wall where you’re going to stick it. It's not so difficult to do. Simply, take some rubbing alcohol in a cloth and wipe the whole wall.

Now, measure the distance of the tapestry and mark on the wall based on the distance.  

Step 3: Iron the tapestry 

The plain tapestry's fabric is also important to hang it without any interruption. So, iron your chosen tapestry before placing it on the wall. 

Step 4: Stick the command strips 

Discard the liner from a side of the command strip and stick it with the tapestry. If your tapestry is medium-sized, then two command strips would be enough for it. Nevertheless, you'll need 2-4 strips when your tapestry is too large. 

Step 5: Attach the tapestry firmly with the wall.

After sticking one part with the tapestry, remove the remaining liner part from the strips. Starting from the upper corners, press the tapestry with the command strips firmly onto the wall. 

Apply the highest pressure when pressing the tapestry to attach with the wall. 

Guidelines of hanging the tapestry with the command strips and clothespins

The command strips and the clothespin can also be used to hang the tapestry firmly onto the wall. Here are the guidelines for hanging the tapestry with command strips and clothespins. 

Step 1: Mark the wall

Measure the top corners of the tapestry and make it on the wall maintaining the alignment. This step will help to see the exact distance of the tapestry’s two corners. Consequently, you can place the clothespin accurately at the right position onto the wall. 

Step 2: Select the right-sized clothespin.

Select the right-sized clothespin depending on the tapestry’s weight you’re going to hang. 

Step 3: Stick the command strips with the clothespins

Open the liner from one side of the strips and stick it with the clothespin. Make the command strips half when you’re using a small clothespin to hang the tapestry. Choose the strips which are exactly the same size as the clothespins. 

Step 4: Attach the clothespin with the wall

Remove another part of the liner and stick the clothespin with the wall. 

Step 5: Stick the tapestry with the clothespins   

Here come the final steps. Clip the upper corners of your chosen tapestry into the clothespins. If needed, you can add more than two clothespins at the upper side of the tapestry. Let both the two sides and bottom of the tapestry remain opened.  

Bottom Line

If you want to hang your tapestry on the wall, you'll find versatile options for that. But not all the options are harmless for your room's wall. There are some tapestry hanging options that cause serious damage to the wall. 

Fortunately, using command strips is one of those versatile options which is safe for the wall. Hopefully, with our guidelines, you can easily hang your tapestry with the command strips.