The very concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is for machines to be able to think like humans. That means that AI technology can essentially tackle all the mundane tasks that you face in daily life. App development powered by AI is one such remarkable application of AI, which is making its presence felt in the industry.

In this article, we will explore how AI is revolutionizing mobile app development in 2020.

Speech Recognition

Mobile apps can now be integrated with voice assistants. Millions of households use voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to conduct their daily tasks like shopping, booking a cab, ordering groceries, and booking a restaurant table. The AI-powered speech recognition searches what people need, open apps, add things to carts and finalize payments, and so much more. Your customers will never have to type a single word to get things done.

Real-Time And Immediate Alerts

Usually, mobile apps send signals based on timers. However, AI has been a huge game-changer in this arena lately. AI does not send fixed-timed alerts, but it sets alerts based on how the customer is interacting with the app.

Suppose your customer has saved an item on their wish list. When the seller reduces the price of the item, the AI can send a notification to your customer, informing that their favorite item price has been dropped. This gives you an immense edge to get a sale you would otherwise miss out on.

Custom Notification

AI doesn’t stop with real-time alerts only. Personalized notes can be created to perform a lot of actions in apps. Is a product out of stock? Let your customer decide if they want to get a notification when it comes back on stock, so they can immediately grab it while it is available in the inventory.

Natural Language Processing, NLP

Every good app comes with a chatbot nowadays, because there is nothing better than ensuring that your customers can get immediate service when they need it. If you are building an app, make sure you consider adding chatbots.

Chatbots help your customers connect to you, and it is capable of analyzing complex human languages into a searchable query and providing results. For example, if your customers want to cancel an order, why involve a human executive who is both time-consuming and costly? A chatbot can recognize the order id selected by your customer, the cancellation query, and get the task done in seconds, saving you valuable processing time and manpower. Plus, they are happy to get quick service, which ensures they come back for more.


The AI can analyze the preferences of your customer and customize their information and product feed based on that. This crucial information helps capitalize on shopping patterns of users and improves business operations and bottom line.

Easy Search

There is nothing more frustrating for people than searching for something on an app, but not getting any results because of a tiny spelling mistake.

Search should be quick and take in account common spelling errors, or your customers can get quickly discouraged. This is the primary business functionality that a user will be using most of the time. AI helps the app recognize products even when they have been typed wrongly. It provides users with auto-filled options in a dropdown which the users can select from, without having to type the whole query.

AI also gives your users a voice processing choice, so they can ask for “soap” instead of typing it out. In short, AI elevates customer comfort and satisfaction to a whole new level by improving the search functionality of the app.

Face Recognition And Authentication

Do you have a business where the app would contain your clients’ medical documents or financial details? AI gives you an option to improve app security by giving you face recognition to open up the app.

This way, only the person whose confidential data is saved in the app can open and use it. HIPAA records are highly private, and medical apps can really leverage this type of functionality to ensure the security of the users. But other apps can leverage this too.

Your Turn

These are a few of the areas that we think will be dramatically impacted by AI when it comes to app development. As you can see, AI will make the apps more advanced and contribute to their user-friendliness. The good news is that you can add all these features and more with the help of app builders that make building an app easier and convenient.

How do you think AI will impact app development in 2020?