Facebook Store
Lost in the thought of selling online but cannot figure out how to get going? With research and study, you come to the point to start an Ecommerce business. But you do not want to spend any penny.

What if I say there resides a better option for selling online that can give you phenomenon returns? It’s the Facebook Store. One can sell online directly on Facebook by setting up a Facebook Store.

Facebook holds the place in our daily routine. It has helped people connect effortlessly and provide a wide range of information may it is politics or education or social news or just anything.

Facebook is a big name in the war zone of social media. There are billions of active Facebook users who visit the platform every day. Scrolling the news feed when we are in the queue at the bus stop or a final scroll before we go to sleep, there is no doubt on the point that Facebook has a key role in our day-to-day life.

With a comparative analysis, Facebook is the most used social media platform against any other social media. Hence, it is the “king of social media”. Thus, selling through Facebook can help merchants to get a wide range of audiences.

What is a Facebook Store?

A Facebook Store is an online shopping method on Facebook, where the customers can search for the products, share and purchase directly from the app without leaving their Facebook window. Facebook Store offers the merchants a cheap way of selling their products. It also helps to bring new potential customers, increase brand awareness, engage more users, and enhance sales. The customers are attracted to the deals and promotions offered by the Facebook store.

How to Set up a Facebook Store?

Do you know what is the bright side of opening up a Facebook Store? Well, you do not necessarily need to be a programmer or require any technical knowledge to set up Facebook Store.

There are two ways to set up a Facebook Store with Ecommerce - one is direct with a Facebook business page and the other is by using third party E-commerce applications. Below I have explained both the ways:

Set up via Facebook Business Page

Once you have created a Facebook Business Page, you need to work with the Shop section and you are done. On the left-hand side, go to the Shop tab. As soon as you hit the Shop tab, you will be prompted with a Merchant Terms and Conditions message to read and agree. Now it’s time to Add Products to your Facebook Store. If you have too many products it is advisable to manage the products into collection according to its types.

And you are good to go! Sounds simple, right? All right, now you just need to manage your orders.

Set up via Third-Party Application

Using the third party application you need to set up your Facebook Store with Shopify or BigCommerce. Just link your store with Facebook and all you need to do is manage your orders by admin dashboard.

Six Successful Strategies for Facebook Store

Publicize your Facebook Store

To get more conversion rates and grab more customers you need to increase your Facebook store awareness. A simple way to do this is by using Facebook Ads.

Facebook has 1.70 billion people using it on daily basis and spending approximately one hour a day. Due to its popularity, it has grown wide-spread amongst people. Thus, Facebook Ads are a great alternative to catch new users.

Facebook Advertisements offers a great way to get customers those who are not aware of your store. The users can find your store through sponsored and boost posts. The post you make is shared in the news feed of the people who like your page. Hence, Facebook Advertisements can lead to awareness, sales expansion, and build up followers.

Discounts and promos are advantageous

People are attracted to discounts and coupons provided by the store. By providing discounts and offers to the customers who are landing at your store, tempt them to buy. You can also run contests or giveaways to trap customers. Customers tend to visit your Facebook Store in order to relish the offer. Thus, discounts turn out to be an excellent way to fascinate customers.

Content has power

When it comes to grabbing customers, you need to frequently post for your products. The product description must be engaging. Make sure your product description is noticeable in this competitive world. Then only you are able to turn users towards your store.

While talking about content, you must keep it informative, fun, creative, and original. It should be more than the ordinary saying “buy now”. Be creative in your content for blog posts, stories, or product descriptions rather than the obvious ones. The content must answer the questions of why, what, and how clearly. That will encourage the customers to make a move towards buying from your store. Thus, content can influence the users to be your permanent customers.

The social sharing option is a boon

Desire for a high reach of your store? Enable the social sharing option from your storefront. Customers can share our products with their family and friends if they like it. This will create more traffic for your store and incorporate brand awareness. You can keep a share button on your product pages. Increased shares, the more reach you will get for your Facebook Store.

Use an attractive layout

Equivalent to other E-commerce platforms, the layout has a major part in the Facebook Store victory. You want the store that is not fussy and gives your customers a direct reach to the products. For this, you need a layout that is not distractive and does not force the user to leave empty-handed and annoyed. The absence of distractions and direct access to the products will increase conversion rates.

Show your involvement

Keep engaged with the audience through different means of communication. Go LIVE on Facebook for the launch of a new product, promos, or information. Use Facebook stories to be in the know for your customers. Utilize the newsletter option for your store, where the user needs to submit the email ID to enjoy the offer or on your landing page. After that, you can send emails to customers that will notify them about new products, discounts, and offers and will visit your store.

Tagging other brands and communities can be a bonus. When you tag someone they receive notification and will come to see in what you have tagged them. They will also share it in their posts and their followers can reach you.

Respond to customers quickly that will show that you care for your customers. Answer to positive and negative responses as well to make your customers feel valued. Involve the customers in your business achievements and success.

Wrap up

Hence, having a Facebook Store is a great way to grow your business and grab new audiences. From sharing your content to marketing your products and services, setting up a Facebook Store is an asset for you that will lead to more sales and more customers. By building up your Facebook Store with the above strategies, you can go a long way in the ladder of success.

However, if you have an E-commerce store and want to link your Facebook store effortlessly, pluck the Facebook Shop Extension for Magento 2 that can do wonders for you.

Happy Facebooking 😇