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What makes a great Downtown? With Long Island's economy continuing to grow steadily and prosper, there are no shortages of Downtowns, most of which are being revitalized at this very moment in an effort to reinvigorate the local community. The definition of downtown is the main business district Central part of a city or town. It consists of things such as shopping, great dining, arts, and culture, and reservation attract local residents as well as visitors which creates a thriving and exciting community. Many downtowns are coming along with the new economic activity. The vibrant downtowns most of the time have a few innovative businesses that are attracting people back to the heart of town. These Downtown businesses are built on a sense of place and offer products and services which are not found in big box stores.

A lot of downtowns do not have the traditional department stores any longer that once anchored Main Street. Gone back are the days when Downtown was the one-stop shopping center for the community. In today's competitive retail market many chains continue to bypass downtown in the site selection process.

The online resource provides examples of innovative Downtown businesses in a large number of retail and service categories. Briefcase studies are provided that include the products sold, market segments served, niche developed, and energy created downtown.

The site is searchable by the kind of business. It is intended to -
  • Provide existing and prospective entrepreneur with new ideas for their downtowns
  • Provide local economic development leaders with new ideas for their business expansion and recruitment efforts.

What Makes A Successful Downtown?

Physical characteristics of a successful Downtown

  • Pedestrian-friendly environment
  • Clean well maintained sidewalks and streets
  • Greenery - trees, flowers, shrubs, planters, etc.
  • Traffic slowing features that force drivers to slow down.
  • Availability of public restroom facilities
  • Street furniture, like benches and seating
  • Substantial streetlights and well-lit areas
  • Trash and recycling bins
  • Bike lanes, racks, and paths
  • Outdoor cafes or restaurants that draw patrons outside, increase pedestrian traffic, and create a highly visible gathering place.
  • Attractive storefronts that encourage Window shopping.

Business Traits Of A Bustling Downtown Area

  • Continuous line of storefront closely gathered together with a few gaps between the buildings and graphically in line with each other.
  • Low commercial vacancy rates
  • A large number of businesses including - retail and non-retail stores and services, unique one of a kind or mom-and-pop shops, basic necessities like food shops and pharmacies, quality restaurants and nightlife, public markets like farmers markets.

Safety Amenities Of A Downtown

Present police support and feeling of safety throughout the Downtown.
  • Directional Signage
  • Good lighting
  • Low degree of social dislocations
  • Organizations That Grow The Community
Business improvement district, community group, and Municipal agency focusing on the development of the Downtown from the Chamber of Commerce or other.
  • Design review boards, Landmark commissions, historical societies.
  • Conservation and environmental groups.
It takes a lot of time to start a small business. It is difficult to find capital, the market is mostly untested and even wildly successful small businesses survive on sling margins. This is the reason it's important to celebrate the small businesses which are already in the town. And when the small businesses are located in a Downtown, they contribute to the vibrancy, economic synergy, and authenticity that make Downtown the economic powerhouses that they are.