Knee Sleeves

One thing which is very common these days is wondering about accessory gear. You come across people online, in forums, at gyms discussing different types of apparels, and weightlifting knee sleeves are no exception.

Knee sleeves are somewhat like elbow sleeves. They are generally used to keep your knee joints warm. You can use the knee sleeves when you are taking rest for a long time or in case you are going for heavier squats. In addition to this, you can also wear sleeves if you are going for weight lifting or powerlifting. If you are someone looking for powerlifting knee sleeves, look online, or offline. You will come across a lot of providers. The same goes for weightlifting knee sleeves.

The sleeves are available in the market in different varieties. Thus, you can select from the same and see which is more suitable. However, one thing you need to keep in mind that there is a vast difference between sleeves and knee wraps. Let’s say if you want to do squats, consider buying knee wraps for squats instead of buying sleeves.

Knee wraps

One primary reason why powerlifters opt knee wraps is that it lets you lift more weight while you do squats. Wondering how? During the downwards(eccentric) phase of the squat, it is because of the wraps' tightness that stores the amount of energy. This subsequently releases the energy during the concentric(upwards), leading in faster and heavier squats. Furthermore, research has said that knee wraps are known to lessen the stress and pulling forces on the quadriceps tendon, connected to the knee wrap and quadriceps. Once you are ready for the squat, it is the tendon that pulls the knee wrap. Lessening the tendon helps to keep away the tendon from the patella or tearing your quads completely, which are nasty injuries.


All the type of knee wrap you select will come down to your specific fitness goals and issues related to the knees. There are a plethora of reasons why knee wraps for squats have gained a lot of popularity. Nevertheless, knee wraps are more restrictive as compared to knee sleeves. Most commonly, knee sleeves are used in the crossfit community because of their versatility and the fact that they help the players to recover as soon as possible.

Thus, these are some of the facts you need to keep in mind about knee wraps and knee sleeves. See which one is more suitable for you and then buy one. There is no point in buying something which is just not appropriate. After all, your health matters a lot, and you should not take it for granted. Keep your health goals and requirements in mind and start seeking for the right apparel. However, using any of them is your personal decision. Some amazing players do not prefer any of them. However, knee wraps are a great accessory if you are someone who is into heavy weight lifting.