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No matter where you are celebrating your birthday, at home, outside your home, in a restaurant, in a hotel, with family, or with friends, a birthday celebration without a cake is unimaginable. Birthday and cake, therefore, go hand in hand. But considering the ongoing situation and fear of sickness, we may restrict ourselves to homemade cake.

It is not that homemade cakes are not good. But the fun and grandeur we see in the gorgeous eye, eye-catching cakes from famous bakeries, design, carving style, size, and everything else are so good with a birthday cake.

Birthday is the most special day for anyone. It is very much awaited, and the birthday cake ordered on this day has to be perfect in flavor and appearance. With homemade cakes, many aspects don’t fit according to our requirements and desire for the ideal birthday cake.

Unless you are a pro at baking, you can’t guarantee a good birthday cake for your loved ones. So, we suggest you check out’s delicious cake collection for your birthday. From children’s favorite superhero cakes to multi-layered creamy and moist cakes, they are carved and baked with every safety measure and a lot of love.

You can be assured of a safe delivery as we follow contactless cake delivery. Look at these mouth-watering cake variants and choose the one for your loved ones.


Chocolate is not just a sweet treat; it is an emotion. It is the most popular eatable across the world. And even when it is about ordering a birthday cake, the highest demands go to “Chocolate cakes.” Family, friends, lovers, or any acquaintance; a chocolate lover is always happy when surprised with a chocolate cake.

Black Forest

A black forest is again another most demanded birthday cake. Layered with the delicious flavors of dark chocolate and whipped cream, a moist black forest cake usually comes with juicy cherries on its top. The shape can be changed to round, heart, or square based on need.

Choco Truffle:

A fresh cream whipped and flavored with the heavenly taste of cocoa, buttery and moist Choco truffle cake is the ultimate cake option for all occasions, especially for birthdays. It also comes with some exotic fruit toppings that taste sweet and tangy.

Red Velvet

It is the most ordered cake for lovers that gives color to your love-filled heart-shaped cake; it is a tenderly delicious and flavorsome red velvet cake. Order it on your girlfriend’s or wife’s birthday. You can also impress your man on his birthday with this beautiful cake.


Brown sugar, corn syrup, and butter blend together to give a luscious texture and the perfect sweetness to creamy butterscotch. It is, most of the time, the favorite one of kids.

Fruit cake

Sweet and sour at the same time, a fruit cake is tasty and healthy at the same time. For kids or adults, a fruit cake is always in demand for a birthday celebration. It generally comes with juicy fruit toppings such as finely cut pieces of kiwi, orange, grapes, and apple; sometimes, it’s added with crunchy nuts. Considering health benefits, this cake serves the best for this time!

Photo Cakes

Sharing sweet memories with a photo on a birthday cake has been trending these days. Choose any of your favorite flavors and upload a picture on the website to get it printed on the cake. The non-harming food colors print the picture on the cake, making it look uniquely beautiful.

Barbie Cakes

No matter what you can or can’t do, you can never let your little ones be upset. When celebrating your little princess’s birthday, order a grand and beautiful Barbie doll cake and make them happy!