So, you have a great new business, a beautiful website and are ready to start making sales. You then remember that you cannot be online day or not to help anyone that might be having issues. What do you do? Set up an FAQ page to give your customers a bit of help, pay for support agents to run a live chat feature, or go with a Chatbot?

Let’s compare them:

Chatbot Vs FAQ

There is not too much difference between an FAQ page and a Chatbot aside from the fact that the latter is automated. The customer will select or type a question and the chatbot will bring up the answer or solution. An FAQ page will usually have the same questions and answers but the customer will have to navigate the page themselves.

So which is better?

Well before we begin, they are both important. Your website should include both a well-organized and sub sectioned FAQ area for those looking answers written down so they can return to this area if they need to. While the chatbot is there not to help your site visitors only answer their questions but to also give them a more interactive FAQ solution.

The Benefits of a Chatbot Over an FAQ Page

Although not human, a chatbot will add something a little more personal. In theory customers will experience a more personalized experience as it is designed to lead them to a tool that provides them with a direct help solution for their issues. An FAQ page gives off the impression that a customer has to find the solution themselves.

A chatbot can also provide a sequence of solutions until the case is closed. Customers can type in a line of questioning and the chatbox’s AI interface can lead the potential customer through a process such as payment and delivery inquiries.

The Benefits of an FAQ Page Over a Chatbot

There is only one benefit and that is cost. Once set up, there are no real costs for an FAQ page apart from updating it every now and again. Aside from that though, a chatbot wins hands down. Especially in terms of driving conversions.

The idea is that you keep both your FAQ and chat box sections 100% consistent or you could end up confusing your customers is questions on the chat box do not match the questions on your website’s FAQ section.

Chatbot Vs Live Chat

Live chat and chatbots are essentially the same thing apart from one offering human support and the other offering script based artificial support. However, which is better for your business and the conversions that you can achieve?

The Benefits of Live Chat Over a Chatbot

From the customer's perspective, of course, talking to a real person will always be preferential. There is also the length of time it takes to set up, monitor and tweak a chatbot until it works in a satisfactory manner. It is not as simple as installing it and letting it run. It has to be configured and customised for your business and the questions that are likely to be asked.

The Benefits of a Chatbot Over Live Chat

Firstly, a chatbot is consistently available on a 24/7 basis. While huge companies may be able to afford to pay for 24/7 support via live chat, most small to medium-sized businesses will not be able to. Cost is another redeeming factor, a chatbot will cost far less than employing human support specialists.

Some companies use the chatbot option as an out of hours solution taking advantage of its 24/7 capabilities.

Which Leads to Better Online Conversions?

This all depends. Either can offer huge potential for increased conversions. The key really is in how well the chatbot has been set up. If you can ensure that there is a solution to all of the most commonly asked questions, it will make chatbot the most cost effective option while also just as effective.


Unless you are running a global corporation, the best option will be a chatbot. Sure, live chat is going to give you the best chance of driving conversions because you can have a salesperson there ready to pitch the customer and pursuade them that the products or services you are selling will fulfil and want or a need. However, this solution is also an expense one.

As for the FAQ page, that comes dead last, is dated, and should not be your only support resource. You should still use an FAQ page but only alongside a chatbot or live chat feature because these days both your repeat and loyal customers as well as potential customers tend to prefer to have an interactive support tool on tap.